Monday, January 13, 2014


The month of January is very popular for making New Year's Resolutions. I am pretty sure that you have completed your list right about now. But I have another challenge for all of you out there. Have you ever tried coming up with a "bucket list"? Now, here's for you to understand it a little more of what it is. Watching the whole movie could even be a better idea.

I had a list before and right now, I would like to put the new one in writing as I erase some that I have accomplished so far from the previous one. I wrote it more than 5 years ago. And I think it's the best time to reassess and change it now to give room to a few more. If you want to see the previous list, click here.

I aim to...

1. able to drive anytime soon. The dream of having the car was so far fetched as of now as Hong Kong holds the best public transportation services and having a car here is just waaaayyyy toooo impractical.

2. ... have a house in Samoa. I still love a lot of glass in my house but not in the form of mirrors this time. Ideally, windows that would make sunlight come in effortlessly during the day to light up the house and during the night, it will show the stars since Samoa got the clearest, most non-polluted sky.

3. ... be able to see the pyramids of EGYPT, ride the gondola in VENICE, ride the PARIS's Eiffel Tower's elevators again, walk through the Great Wall of CHINA, pass by the River of the Nile, be blessed in River Jordan, see the Niagra Falls and the Taj Mahal....

Basically, it's the same with the #3 from the first bucket list I have but this time, I would want to include: be able to visit Harbin for the annual "Ice Show" every January.

4. ... learn Cantonese fluently. The conversational skill I learned could be a good jump start.

5. ... bungee jump. Or sky dive. Anything that will surely take my breath away. Not my life please... Hahahaha!!!

6. ... go on a cruise.

7. ... put up a business.

8. ... write a book.

9. ...fulfill my womanhood by giving birth. You may find this silly because naturally, a woman gives birth, right? But this is really a huge deal for me. Because, this is one of my fears... to give birth to a child. I fear being cut that's it.

10. ... add a lock to Love Locks in Verona, Italy.

Now, you might be thinking why I am just limiting it to 10 items only every time. Well, it makes it more attainable for me. Of course, I'm welcome still to have different firsts outside my list. Like last year, I was able to fly my sky lantern which I wanted to do for a long time.

If you have read my previous list, it was stated very much in a silly way. Though it surprised me that some of what I wanted to happen actually did such as being able to visit Singapore with friends (which marked my second in that country); I am on my 6th year performing internationally; I was able to paint something (the Jungle skirt pattern which is now at my mom's house in the States; and I am married with my soul mate.

Work out your bucket list and make it happen. New Year's Resolutions are welcome but a bucket list kind of makes it happen.

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