Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Having a good sense of humor is sexy. And carrying it with confidence is much sexier. That's why I ended up marrying my husband. Hahaha! But HAPPY PEOPLE in general gives out this vibe of being so attractive because come on! Admit it! Who wants to be with a boring person? Or who wants to be with a predictable one. 3 out of 5 people will answer HAPPINESS as their aspiration. And it's always a mystery to some people. Self help books are there to feed us information regarding this and so many people had shared their own experiences.

Credits to Russel Peters for these qualities and it's admirable to come across people who knows when to be funny and how to be confident. Not to mention, his capability to intellectually arouse you is a gift.

Indulging on a 45 minute comedy will do your soul wonders in a matter of balancing it. I love the idea that I was laughing not because of a lot of swearing or nasty jokes. But it was just plainly funny. This show will also stimulate your curiosity. I don't know how he does it though. But at some point, I'm sure you'll agree or disagree but if you don't at all laugh at any segment, have a shrink check you out.

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