Thursday, February 06, 2014

Gold & Glitter Glamour

I have just recently cleared up this tube of its fabulous glittering lotion which I have found from Angsana Laguna Resort in Phuket. My husband and I were graced to see its beauty for our honeymoon and our stay came with 2,000 Bath worth of gift vouchers at its own goody shop. Besides the artifacts and souvenirs that Phuket is known for, they have a superb SPA section complete with cooling eye pillows, rejuvenating lotions and pretty much, lavender and avocado flavored, scented and based beauty products and SPA gift sets. We have purchased an Avocado hair moisturizer (which both my husband and I loved) which undoubtedly left our hair silky smooth and soft, relaxing lavender eye pillow and the one thing I find most special of all is this Gold & Glitter Moisturizing Body Gel.

I go for Unscented to Mild Cucumber to lovely Strawberry scents. That being said, I don't go for "too strong" or "too heavy" scents for my bath and body products. I always just want to smell fresh. That's one quality of this product that I truly loved. In addition, it makes you golden but it doesn't stain your clothes at all. The gold flakes are subtle yet well immersed in the gel so, it doesn't clump together on your skin after applying it on. It is refreshing just as how it aims to satisfy its users since they go for holistic customer experience. Some of its ingredients include: Hydrolized Pearl, Hydrolized Wheat, Glycine Sola (soybean), Protein, Fragrance oil, Iron Oxides, Gold, Leaf extracts and Sericin. This had served me well this past Holiday season too as it gave me a "glittering effect". Very uplifting!

Further information regarding the product (if you want to purchase) can be found here.

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