Friday, February 14, 2014


 "According to Greek Mythology, humans were originally created
with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces.
Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate beings,
condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves."

- Plato's "The Symposium"

Happy Heart's Day everyone! Valentine's Day is one of my favorites because I grew being pampered together with my two other sisters including my mom by our father with little surprises when this day approaches. The most memorable one was the little pot of red roses my dad had left in each of our rooms one time and ever since, the vibe was built up in me that I look forward to it every year.

What other way could be much more effective than injecting music to this moving occasion besides the chocolates, cards and flowers? We want to consider those who aren't into those treats, right? Let alone the mood to take them away. So I thought of compiling some latest additions to my February 2014 playlist to share to you. Please feel free to comment and share some of your preferred songs thru the comment box below this post.

1. "GIVE ME LOVE" by the uprising Ed Sheeran tops my list. This MTV was a little vague to understand but that's an understatement when you are in love. I would always pray for God to show my purpose to me. I pray not because I want to go to heaven but I want to serve my purpose. And usually, answers come during the most annoying circumstances. "Your purpose is to give right at this moment...", " accept at this moment...", or hard ones like: " let go", or " wait"..."to forgive". So in conclusion, "TO LOVE" umbrellas all of these. It is our purpose, yours and mine.

2. "XO" by Beyonce of course made its way during the holidays but the very message is true. Never wait for that moment to pass you by. If you love the person, say it out loud and don't let go of that opportunity to express it. After all, we are only given one life to live.

3. "I ADORE YOU" by Miley Cyrus. Needless to say, Miley had been veeeerrrryy comfortable onscreen that her MTV needs its own filter. I mean, yes, Gaga was no different but she is gaga because she expresses her opinions which usually and most of the time, were touching moral values, art, fashion and even political issues. Anyway, this particular single is relaxing and sexy to listen to. It's my first time to get attracted to rhythm first before the lyrics. Perfect for this time of the year.

4. "ALL OF ME" by John Legend. He is such a good writer and singer. He's a male Alicia Keys for me. Very soulful song. The woman in this MTV that he's with is his wife up until the present and I'm pretty sure he dedicates it to her fully. Because the lyrics fits her so much.

5. "BODY PARTY" by Ciara. No explanations needed with how this song could just live up a room to getting it on. Ciara never fails to show love y'all!

6. "DRUNK IN LOVE" by Beyonce featuring hubby Jay-Z puts you in a spell and more likely encourages you to not fear being playful with your own spouse. After all, it's up to both of you on how you'd keep the flame on in marriage's entirety! This collaboration had not stopped the couple in doing the public display of affection while performing this live in their controversial number at the Grammy's.

7. "FIRE WE MAKE" by Alicia Keys & Maxwell
Sometimes, even when love didn't last longer than you expected, you get hold of that very moment that made each cell of your body alive. Listen up to this and it makes you want to just lie down on 10 pillows as the music feels so good to indulge in.

The next ones are not really that up to date but it is a good Valentine's jam. Hear it out!

8. "YOU MAKE ME FEEL LOVED" by Paula Cole was a single from the Original Soundtrack of the movie, "City of Angels". Now that is an all time favorite alright!

9. "BROWN SKIN" by India Arie
Who wouldn't be drawn to the voice in the first place? Ha! This song is sung by her in her most velvety voice that listening to it makes you walk in the clouds. She seems just talking as the words flow out into a melody. This lady wows me.

10. Now it's your turn to fill this up to finish my playlist. Please do help me out. Thanks!

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