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It's that most wonderful time of the year once again when a cool breeze blows as the carollers sing. As the holidays bring forth longer nights and lit streets to life, let's not forget the exciting parties where families gather together, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's to name a few. And so, the happiest place on earth, have prepared a lot of events and attractions in welcoming the approaching new year. I hope that this would help you in planning your weekends with friends to create the fondest memory of your 2014 Christmas Season.

First on the list is the newest parade featured in Hong Kong Disneyland last September 11, 2014. The Disney Paint the Night Parade where you'd be seeing Disney in a whole new light. Watch this:

Guests are invited to participate via the "Mickey Magic Paintbrush" that is LED empowered as well as the entire parade with 740,000 different lights that will surely mesmerise each and everyone.

It begins with a playful intro to the music of the whole parade. Tinkerbell and the rest of her fairy friends come out to share pixie dust to all the guests. As they welcome everybody to gather up, the magic unfolds. The fairy lights will surely tickle your eyes with its colours changing on cue with the music of Disney Paint the Night Parade.

Next in line would be the Monsters Inc. Unit. Sulley, together with his best pal, Mike, makes an appearance toggling the doors as their gateway to gathering that much "screams" from the kids. Wave hi and shout to help them fill the "SCREAM METER"!

The Cars Unit unveils a highlight in the form of the huge truck loader, Mack, with its gallant presentation of spectacular lights with Lightning McQueen. What makes it also a hit would be the human racing cars up ahead flaunting their hip hop choreographed to showcase the light effects of their costume.

The Little Mermaid float is not a disappointment as well. Be captured with King Triton's huge shellfish float where Ariel sings along to encourage kids to enjoy in painting the night. She flips her fins sensationally as the light flickers around her hair while she brushes it with the fork she discovered from the sea.

Belle stands tall on the other hand as enchanted candle floats and waltz dancers follow. Romantic candle lights will surely put you in awe. This huge long float is beautiful from start to finish. The symphony and harmony swoons you to a l'amour vibe.

Beauty and the Beast way back in 1991 landed a special place in my heart that nothing else would ever replace. The movie never fails to enchant me every time I see it (God knows how many times I saw this movie, a little over a thousand, I suppose) that this unit captures the romantic in me all over again.

As the parade moves on, cowgirls do an impressive choreography with poi-like props presenting the Toy Story favourites. This is another amazing float as Slink's spirals are lighted like no other and Woody and Buzz shout out to the kids and to those young at heart to enjoy painting with their brushes!

Finally, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy share a spectacular appearance altogether sitting each on a ball of light as Mickey (dressed as the one in Fantasia) stands atop a magical whirlpool of lightbulbs changing into different mystical colours. Spectacular as it is, your eyes would surely pop with this amazing parade. It's like no other so come down with your family and friends because no matter how I describe how fantastic it is, it's still better when you see it in person!

With that being said, the Disney Paint the Night Parade lets you experience magic that will surely be a reason to come back again during Christmas as it combines with the Frozen Experience.

Arendelle's Snow Queen Elsa and her sister, Princess Anna, will be joining the line up of princesses at Hong Kong Disneyland this Holiday Season! The highest grossing movie had attracted millions of spectators and as promised, the winter season will never be felt the same way again.

Capture a moment with them at Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

In addition to this delight, carolers grace guests at the park with favourite Christmas classics sung acapella, characters are dressed in their Christmas costumes and the whole park is decorated with abundant Christmas lights with a huge Christmas tree that is a must-see or would look nice for a selfie!

For the theatre lovers, the Bluebird of Happiness had been ringing a bell as it welcomes Christmas with its show days, December 19, 20 and 21.

The Bluebird of Happiness is a musical adaptation of a play written by Belgian playwright and Nobel Prize Winner Moerice Mataerlinck. It is about a brother and a sister who go on a quest for the magical bluebird, which leads them to exciting adventures and enchanting characters that help them learn a heart-warming and valuable lesson. This production, book and lyric by Jaime Del Mundo and original music by Rony Fortich, has received numerous acclamations, and rave reviews for its captivating story, music and talented cast, and magical production design.

This Christmas, the Bluebird of Happiness takes flight, for the first time in Hong Kong under MQ  Musical Theatre, a musical theatre that has been producing fun family entertainment to HK audiences, young and old, since 2002.

This is going to be the best Christmas gift you could give your family. Go on and check it out!

Musical (Performed in English with Chinese subtitles)

Running Time: approx. 2 hours (with interval)

Programme Enquiry: 3407 4208

What's so special about this production? FRIENDS are in it and I'm proud of them. Break a leg guys!

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