Sunday, October 26, 2014


I wanted to repost this very beautiful touching poem that speaks of how time would be constantly changing from In addition, I would like to encourage everybody to be at the moment of where you're supposed to be, what you're supposed to be doing and how it should be done. It's good to multi-task. It's actually a strength from within of those willing to do so. But somehow, the android phones are taking so much time away from your loved ones when you are in an actual get together for example. It is such a bad habit that we wanted to always get involved with everybody's lives over these social networks by liking or commenting on their posts yet, the actual chance of talking to the person right in front of you is taken for granted. It's ironic to think that we want to be near thru it but so far from the people who's beside us because we're too busy with our phones.

Sunday, family day, today. Try logging out for an hour or two and talk to your loved one beside you. Unselfishly, undividedly. You don't know if it would be the last time anyway.

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