Saturday, June 25, 2016


There's absolutely a lot to find online that can benefit us. Education, opportunities, connection. The world seem to get smaller and smaller yet ties can become stronger. There is a need though of what you are pouring your time into. Since the internet had vastly given birth to websites, sources and social networks, it also had become dangerous in the sense that should all of them be given attention?

I admit that I spend a lot of time in the internet. Instead of taking my time to rest, I always catch myself browsing over a social network's newsfeed. I cheat on making way to achieving a recipe thru pinterest and gym time is often neglected when I extend more hours working online for researching for my blog. All of these are actually not much of an issue if I would manage my time more wisely.

It's crucial to separate what is of essence with what's actually nonsense when you google. It's hard not to depend on online information most especially when it is about a review of a location you want to travel to. I guess it's right to say, choose wisely what you spend time into.

With that being said, I don't want to hold you further but I need to give out this important information you might find handy considering the things that you'd love to do or learn without compromising the beauty of connecting live to a person and/or without feeling guilty that nothing productive happened with your day.

1. There's yet another free webinar that you may find beneficial to your own learning towards investing wisely. If you are investing on stocks, this may guide you thru critical analysis, strategic approach and fundamental steps:

2. Into connecting to an audience thru your talent? Are you capable of telling a story allowing a group of people to learn from it directly? Would you be interested to do drama? How about if Kevin Spacey would be your teacher? Would you be interested?

Don't fret. Because it's all a click away. This website offers a masterclass that you may enjoy fully with the help of the professionals that you see on TV.

3. Been wanting to trying something different? Sign up for a free crossfit class in FITNESS ACADEMY HK and unleash the beast in you. No expectations, no judgements, just focus and determination and your body will thank you after a good day's work out. The box (what you call the training grounds for crossfit) may be intimidating, not until you let a day breeze thru it. This is one way to get you up your seat and ditch getting succumbed to the internet without having a productive day.


There's no age limit in wanting to achieve your dreams. Make it happen by committing to a driven institution. The top design school in Hong Kong offers courses that is not just limited to fashion but interior design, app design and photography, 3 of the most in demand specialisations in the industry. Rewrite your future by excelling in what you truly love. Feed your creative instincts by learning from the experts.

The teachers in raffles are more than educators. They practice as they teach embracing diversity and continuous trends. They hold small classes to make sure students are given personal attention and monitoring. They aim each of them to be recognised globally by developing their potential at its utmost momentum.

5. Would you like to get paid as you tap your android on the road? If you are the kind of person who likes to play games, wants to be the first to know about the new released apps, and answer quizzes, you'll be delighted to know about an app called Cash Gift.

Cash gift makes you earn points that may actually be converted to gift cards, free coupons and Pay Pal credits as you do tasks, namely, downloading some cool stuff, watching a video, installing and playing games like candy crush, simply passing level 5 of a certain game and voila! You earn coins.

I am not really much of the game person because I don't like overloading my phone with games. But the idea is, I just one task that says, Tap to get 20 coins and rate them 5 to get 30 coins. It's that simple. Then exit.

I've been waiting for mine to come about. And I just earned my points to redeem my second dollar from Amazon. At first, I was wary with how real this goes but I got my gift card via email and now, I'm ready to use it. US$2 is not that much but I basically just have to tap my phone and points keep on coming daily. I wouldn't mind doing that!

6. A similar rewarding system offers redemption of lifestyle coupons to use in Park N' Shop for groceries, ZALORA for trendy fashion ensembles, Maxim's for pastries and Mannings for toiletries. Just log in to How does it work?

As you join in, you will be asked about your personal preferences about, food, sports, lifestyle, fashion and recreation. This first part was actually fun because all that you have to do is tick. The system will get hold of your answers putting it into a pool of downlines that somehow calculates the surveys that may need your response to. Most of the time, as a consumer of a certain product. To share, I have answered a survey about German wines, a learning institution, importance of an insurance and something that I would be expecting in a new gadget. It is not hoax as I am HK$3 away from redeeming mine so just bear with it. It is checking your email of surveys that will actually pay you.

Enjoy surfing guys!

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