Monday, July 04, 2016


Hearing this line up just triggers that dynamic youthful soul Summer owns in you.
Dancing to these makes sweating looks sexy and sizzling hot.
Attend a class, jam, and make the junk boat trips alive with these selections.

1. "Work" from Home by Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $
is definitely is in my playlist.
It feels good listening to it and doing those HIIT exercises to this tune helps a lot.
Fifth Harmony bodies are inspiring and they make "work" sound manageable!
You want your man satisfied, turn this up
and complete those squats!

2. Becky G's "Can't Stop Dancing"
is an oldie as this official music video came out in December 2014.
But, this song is making me feel, summer is here officially.
Listen to it and tell me if I'm mistaken.

3. "Ain't Your Mama" of Jennifer Lopez
speaks for a lot of women who had gone Stepford!
This summer, remain untamed and sing this to that abusive man of yours.
He needs to be told to wake up!
Be bold!

4. "Me Too" of Meghan Trainor
is a tamer version of saying,"Bow down bitch!".
She basically talks about her life in this song
with a cool upbeat that you may want to put on while you do that long drive.
Released around May 2016, I'd say this is the school ender alright and is a Summer starter.

5. This hit prepares a long night with its cute tunes and vibe.
It warms up the dance floor, eases casual eye contacts in the club
and may just be the right kicker for your round of shots with friends.
Could there be any hotter than
Calvin Harris' and Rihanna's tandem for "This Is What You Came For"?

6. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki &
Ummet Ozean for "Melody" - Radio Mix.
The mix that you may need to liven up a crossfit workout of the day routine
at the box. Turn this jam up to get you driven to do an extra set of burps.
And don't be surprised if a beach party plays this one because this is great party music.

7. The piano makes a strong impression in
"One Dance" of Drake (ft. Wiz Khalifa and Kyla).
It got a unique vibe, a sexy feel and it captures its listeners quickly.
Drake's voice is like no other that it blends well to the summer beats.
As you listen, you'll just find your hips swinging to this sooner than you'd expect.

8. "KILL 'EM WITH KINDNESS" says Selena Gomez
is a feel good music to listen to when you hike, jog
and just doing a "me" time alone at home since it works so many ways:
it relaxes, it is influential and is surprisingly motivating.
It has a subliminal message of "be the better you."

9. Justin Bieber's "COMPANY"
starts with a shot overlooking Santorini, Greece.
Wow! And the yacht shots actually say a lot about the serenity,
the waves and the good times that only happens during Summer.

Do comment below to complete this list up until 10 songs
to be added to my playlist. You might have something good
that I should include in mine. Have a great summer y'all!

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