Monday, August 08, 2011

PAIN - a personal realization on a day that the Lord had made

There are so many kinds of pain a human being could experience. To my opinion, it's some great force that could bring you from being madly driven down to becoming insanely paralyzed.

EXPERIENCE could allow one person to subjectively describe it. Within 28 years of my existence, there's as far as 4 that I've encountered. You may agree or disagree with what I am about to share. But one way or another, it may be a little too familiar to you.

The most superficial of all, is the ACHE that gets triggered every now and then. Usually, this is stimulated by MEMORIES. Memories of loosing someone, memories of "almost" making it to the top, memories of the many "firsts" turned to "regrets" in the end. I've got a number of aches that I could recall. The effect of it though is tolerable since there's always an emotion that comes right thru given the aftermath of these memories. It's this tiny light of HOPE that it will never happen again or it may be the WILL that encourages you to get over it.

Physical pain however is due to bad habits. Of course, it's hard to just dwell particularly on that reason but most of the time, as I've realized, bad habits could be a main reason. From the word physical, it's something that our physical bodies complain about. Just to remind us to put something into a halt. And I've always believed that something in excess always leads to something bad. Bad habits like smoking may lead to chronic lung failure. The word, "chronic" itself sounds painful to me, not mentioning the reality behind such diagnosis. Being too proud of having a bad habit of not warming up before working out is may also induce physical pain in the long run. ("CHRONIC-pain")... Not sleeping on time, not drinking water, getting stressed too much... like what I said, these things that I am mentioning maybe a little too familiar since they maybe perceived as subconsciously "normal" since they've become a ROUTINE. An unhealthy one for that matter.

The most difficult to handle is the DEEP PAIN that resides in the heart. The one that's formed by a massive impact of a certain situation. Abuse, cheating, treachery, deceit. These are the simplest of them all. Deep pain is the kind that never heals because it continuously is nurtured by emotions that only TIME may take away. FEAR, ANGER, GUILT and PRIDE are the ultimate culprits of feeding DEEP PAIN into becoming something destructive. It's hard to comprehend how and why this happens. Ironically, it's easy for humans to blame it to other people. What they don't realize is that the answer relies on them. Limited as we all are, there are individuals that could never cope up.

This is where the last kind seeps in. The kind of physical pain brought about by human emotions. Those emotions that are far too great to be handled by the human brain. Now I'm confused. Which should handle the deep pain anyway? Is it the heart? Or is it the brain? Going back, this deep pain turned to physical pain is called the PSYCHOSOMATIC PAIN. Usually, it may be in a form of PSYCHOSIS (humans becoming out of order when it comes to its ability to reason out or just plainly to identify what is the difference between real and not, since the brain isn't functioning well) - ; or HEART ATTACK, STROKE, OR IT COULD BE JUST A SIMPLE HEADACHE. If you would really think about it, it could be considered as somehow, STRESS-RELATED.

I've shared this to encourage people to become strong with whatever pain they're going thru and to those who know they've harmed somebody, physically or emotionally, this is what happens. They go thru pain. It's a sad thought.

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