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December 26-28, 19933was the last time I've been to Singapore.... I barely remember how it looked like. All that I remember was how clean it was (they can even monitor where you'll throw your gum), how strict it was with taxis (only 4 people inside and there's 5 of us in the family), and of course, the infamous ORCHARD Rd. - an oasis for shoppers. Most especially, GUESS at that time was a hit! And man! My mom's credit card got maxed out. No kidding!

And now, August 13-17 2011, I went again not to shop that much but to take a breather from Hong Kong's fast paced, demanding and stressful life. To see good friends, to see them perform in prestigious musicals and do sight-seeing... A much laid back vacation than what I had 18 years ago except that my parents were present then. I can depend on them for financial means. Hehehe! Nonetheless, this is when you put what you've worked hard for to use! Such pure indulgence, the thought of it! Ugh! Makes my mouth water! Let me start off with what's familiar to me.

The ORCHARD RD. I didn't get the chance to stroll along this shop ville as much as I did when I was young. So, I took the chance to familiarize myself once again with this fabulous road of fashion, leisure and luxury. It's nice to know that Ezek, one of Salinggawi's fruits, is working in PRADA. And it was very convenient that they have a ticket booth just along the sidewalk to purchase your tickets for wonderful musicals. We purchased ours there. We wanted to know if there's a discount for Disney cast members but we didn't want to wait longer. We wanted assured seats. Not much shopping was done but it's nice to see Orchard Road during the night.

You wouldn't believe it but I just spent probably around half an hour here to meet up with highschool batchmates over at Marche Vivo...

Marche is a very nice restaurant situated on top of Vivo, a mall that is similar to the construction of the overwhelming Greenbelt of the Philippines. Marche serves Italian and Spanish cuisines. What's amazing about this restau is that everything is fresh. You pick up the veggies that you want to be in your salad, you choose the steak cut that you want to be cooked for you and the wine that you want to go with it. I checked the rice, all they had was PAELLA! Boo... but it's alright to try something different. If they will serve white rice, it'll spoil the feel of it anyways. Then, you can choose which pasta you want to be prepared for you. It was pricey but worth it! Quite an experience most especially if you share that moment with people important to you.

Moving on, I had to say, I wouldn't let this trip pass without seeing my high school batch mates, volleyball teammates and co-dancers during college. It felt so good seeing how well they had turned out. Rachelle Valencia was with her husband. They looked cute together and I am thankful for she gathered as much people as she could. Karla Valencia, so many things, we've witnessed together. We shared a lot of hardships, school, work and play all at the same time. We danced for Salinggawi that's why I included "play" in our "hardships". Ha! Too much irony. It's hard to explain but she knows what I mean. Kathy Dinio, Mhaane Reyes.... Katherine and Marie Antoinette along with Kei a.k.a, Kareen Amanda Donor.... ha! I remember how goofy we all were when we were in high school. So many of our friends outside the volleyball team were so annoyed when we couldn't hang out with them because of our training. But, they don't know how much craziness we've spent altogether.... I thank you all for this precious time in Marche. Until next time, I hope you'd visit me in return here in Hong Kong....


It had caught my attention that there's a cheap place where you could buy good finds for yourself and for people left at home too as form of "pasalubong". That, if Hong Kong got Mong Kok, Singapore got the Bugis Junction.... I went gaga.... LOL!!!! I've always considered shopping as a form of therapy. So, like what I said, I needed a breather. My friend Lawrence Law and I therefore had the best time choosing what to buy for our loved ones and we also bought something for ourselves that caught our eyes.... FUN FUN FUN!!!!
I realized that as a performer, research is important so I indulged on musicals when I went to Singapore. I am but so proud of my good friends, WENDELL JOHN FRANDO, YAEL PINEDA, ALEXANDER DAGALEA & EARL CLARISSE MALLARI, whom I've known for a long time as 4 years of working for Disney had passed by. Respectively, they work in the fabulous La Vie, Lion King Broadway, Daddy-o's; Monster Rock (the last two can be seen in Universal Studios) currently. I could say that I've felt more inspired and driven because of them. These humble people fed my soul for its hunger for entertainment and air. I felt so grateful of witnessing how they've grown as multi-talented performers. Bravo my friends! Spread your wings! Spread them wide!

La Vie Singapore's first theatrical circus and its longest running original production,
Voyage de la Vie, is the timeless tale of a young man's coming of age.

Frustrated with the pressures of work, the Boy receives a mysterious box
which opens up to reveal the mischievous Game Master.
The Game Master introduces him to the Lantern Keeper who becomes
the Boy's guide on a journey though his imagination,
where the Boy encounters many extraordinary characters.
They teach him that wherever he is in this passage,
it is the Journey and not the Destination which gives life its meaning.

Be awed and entertained by dazzling costumes, magnificent sets and death defying circus feats performed by a cast of international circus stars from 19 countries....

It was such a remarkable experience watching this.
So many stunts that had put me and my friends at the
edge of our seats. Totally different.... 

LION KING - Marina Sans



UNIVERAL STUDIOS - we needed to make a stop here. This had truly lifted our spirits up! Most especially after riding the accelerator. I remembered how me and my sisters loved riding the breathtaking ones! My sister used to pick the first row and I've always stayed behind. You know, that feeling that you wanted to be as brave as her but you can't. Being the middle child, I always find myself behind her when scariest things happen.... Anyway, let me share this funny experience. We were in Great America in U.S. and we rode Top Gun. It's speed was maybe similar to how airforce planes accelerate. So, she was shouting "aaaahhhh!!!! ahhhhh!!!!" Speed combined with the numbness of her mouth, she didn't realize she was drooling. And I was behind her, right? So, yep! She kind of spitted on me unknowingly. And we just laughed after I told her on our way down. But I have to stress it out that it's a heavenly feeling. Some surge of adventure and excitement.... Big thanks to Guy Cheng, Lawlaw's friend who showed us around the park.

Some things that you have to know about Universal Studios are the following:

Join Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria, the four heroes from Dreamworks Animation's movie, Madagascar, as they embark on an unforgettable river ride adventure in Madagascar: A Crate Adventure...

Around this area are an array of cuisines that you may find satisfying. We had our lunch here. Servings are pretty small but it's enough to keep you going around the park. Distractions are everywhere anyways.... LOL!!!! But I suggest, you eat first outside before visiting this theme park. It's better to save money for shopping because their goods are really funky and nice! I got a "Best Actress" shirt for myself. And a lot of shirts were on sale that time like around SG$5 if you get 2 shirts. More discounts if you buy a lot too.

HUMAN OR CYCLON - Choose your side on the world's tallest duelling roller coasters. Prepare to engage in aerial combat between two coasters. The Cyclon suspended coaster goes up, around and upside down with an intense corkscrew and a cobra roll, while the Human seated coaster zooms at speeds of 82.8 km/h and propels you over 14 storeys into the air.

Like I said, I chose CYCLON. We had just one time big time chance as we were maximizing our visit because we had to leave early to watch the Lion King Musical in the evening.

Prepare to be amazed by death defying feats, awesome explosions and an ocean of thrills as giant fireballs explode in the air and a seaplane swoops towards you, skidding across the water to crash explosively just inches away in a finale that will leave you breathless!!!!

Simply amazing, that's just what I could say. It's worth it to watch once again. One time is enough though. They have sections that may indulge you on some more intimate interaction. You may get, that's what I meant. So make sure you choose where to sit on most especially when you handle nice non-waterproof cameras.

Besides of course, the fact that I saw new things in Singapore, still, it wouldn't make the trip as awesome as it seems if not for old friends... As we made a toast in Prelude (a beautiful place to hang out in) and as Julie Ewen gave away to a brief but very meaningful speech, "A toast for friends who don't always see each other but will always share that special bond that nothing could get broken." I am so glad to see you again. And watch out for Ms. Carlie Chapman, a TRUE Hongker by heart... will be joining us by November!

source: leaflets

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