Tuesday, May 07, 2013


I've introduced a lot of new places to check out for my "Wine-&-Dine Wednesday". This time, I'd like to go back to an old favorite.

JOLLIBEE is an all time top choice of Filipinos when it comes to fast food. Kids go crazy over it and so do I even until now. It is the constant competition of McDonald's in the Philippines. Just put it this way, if America has McDonald's or KFC, Philippines got Jollibee. And so, am I glad to still be able to experience "Chickenjoy" even if I had moved here in Hong Kong for quite sometime now.

Located at Shop Z4, G/B Eurotrade Center, 13-14 Connaught Rd. Central, Hong Kong
Tel. No. (852) 2522 7930, (852) 2522 7553
Fax No. (852) 2854 1977
(MTR Exit A),
Jollibee alongside with a lot of Filipino "carinderias" (food stalls), serve a lot of Filipino overseas workers here in Hong Kong, giving them a little of what "home" feels like. Culturally, Filipinos love eating altogether and because of the Spanish influence, they are used to varied spices that make their food aromatic and more than enjoyable to eat. You would have an idea of what I'm actually talking about if you go visit Jollibee on a Sunday as it draws the crowd with the aroma that their food gives out.

Besides its delicious array of fast food and desserts, it offers a must-try "Palabok" (rice noodle dish with shrimp sauce and topped with several ingredients such as cooked shrimp, boiled pork, crushed chicharon, tinapa flakes, fried tofu, scallions, and fried garlic) and Philippine-style-Spaghetti. Both come in meals with the fried chickenjoy.

My personal favorites would be Palabok Fiesta, Burger Steak, Chicken Joy and Peach Mango Pie (for dessert). The gravy together with Chicken Joy makes it zesty too. Jollibee cooks their chicken like no other. I'm surprised that KFCs here in Hong Kong don't come with their own gravy. In the Philippines, they had to do a marketing strategy of going "Unlimited serving for gravy" to beat Jollibee.

For burger lovers, I suggest you try the Amazing Aloha. All of these foods come with affordable price. You may be able to have a full stomach with HK$50 at hand.

Not only Hong Kong but also United States, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei and United Arab Emirates are extended of these mouthwatering delicacies. May I share to you this video that was shot in the United States and was featured in CNN.

A lot of foreigners love Jollibee. My boyfriend always asks for it as a "pasalubong" whenever I come home from Central. And he loves the Iced Lemon Tea here too. The so-called Halo Halo actually is a famous Philippine dessert. Hopefully it gets offered here in Hong Kong but not for now.
I have a friend here in Hong Kong that aims to go to Jollibee every chance he could get. Lawlaw, together with Kelly, had gone with us in the Philippines and we all went there for dinner for them to experience the authentic Chickenjoy and Jollibee Spaghetti before we had to go clubbing. We had to take a photo to remember that fun night.

Jollibee has won many accolades. It has consistently been mentioned as one of the Philippines' and Asia's most admired companies in surveys conducted by publications such as Asian Business Magazine and The Asian Wall Street Journal and has received other plaudits from Euromoney and Asia Money. In 2008, it was also the recipient of the FMCG and F & B Asia Pacific Supply Chain Excellence Award at the SCM Logistics Excellence Awards.


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