Friday, October 18, 2013


As promised, every Friday, is a Fabulous-Find-Friday and this week, I'd like to share to you my new found and purchased pair of heels from Nine West. What's the big deal about it? Read on.

I am known for loving shoes. Everybody knows this about me that even my good friend Josh presented it during my bridal shower on a cake stand, instead of a real cake, marking my deep preference for them above all else when it comes to shopping. Don't get me wrong, I'm no shoe shopaholic. (Oh wait, I'm not entirely sure, as when I got the Nine West shoes, my husband had to bust in the store to convince the sales lady,"Please, no more shoes for this woman!" Ha!)


There are 3 reasons why I admire them.

1. because they last much longer than any wardrobe, bag, furniture or gadget
2. they always fit, whether you gain or lose weight (except due to pregnancy)
3. they always win compliments whether you dressed up awkwardly or casually, a good pair can always zest it up.


So, my husband, brother-in-law, and I were strolling down TST streets that had let me into stumbling upon a small Nine West shop and literally justified the idea of a
BARGAIN. There were a line of high heels right in front of me worth HK$700 and up but were cut off of 90% of their original prices. One particular pair caught my eye, I held it, felt the sole and looked at the tag. It was a shouting amount of, HK$"I'M-JUST-190-DON'T-LET-ME-GO!" from HK$1,050. Ending, I didn't let it go. I went and asked for size 8 1/2, tried it and had fit perfectly. The cotton, heavenly sole flirted with my feet and made me forget about my bunions. Apparently, I have that much love for shoes but my bunions are always in the way for me to get what I initially like.


1. COMFORT - This is my no.1 priority.

Here in Hong Kong, dealing with downtown alleys and streets, most especially in Lan Kwai Fong, are stressful when you are wearing stilettos. But of course, you want to dress up for that lovely dinner in IFC or the casual Vodka nights in Bisous so as not to be mistaken as one of the drags or lady boys besides the fact that you want to feel good. For me, I dance for a living and as far as clubbing is concerned, there's no other way to last a night of vodka, except to sweat it out. So, it's important that I'd find a pair that will last me awhile.

2. QUALITY - It may cost a fortune.

Usually, comfort comes with a pair that is of good quality. You may think that I may have a hidden affiliation with Nine West shoemakers but I am just but an avid fan. That being said , Nine West for a lot of people (and not just me), considers it one of their ultimate favorites. The other lady shoe companies are Aldo, Jimmy Choo, Chinese Laundry and Maud Frizon.

3. PRICE TAG - Learn to let it go.

Alright ladies, some of the mentioned shoe shops are intimidating for some. Together with Cole Haan, Vivienne Westwood and Manolo Blahnik, the shops I mentioned above are indeed pricey. I don't believe in luck. Hence, if any of these are in your shopping budget, (sales in Hong Kong are quite popular with huge cut back with the prices, most especially when the season changes) and if the first two factors are a check in your mind, by all means, get it. If not, don't feel embarrassed to leave at once. H&M, Cotton On and Bershka also offer nice fitting shoes. You'll never get wrong if you're honest to yourself separating what you need from impulse buying. Sometimes, it's much harder to swallow that you might be buying a very luxurious pair of shoes that you could feed a dozen kids in Haiti already with that much money.

4. RELIABILITY - List down the shops that you love going to when shoe shopping.

There are a bunch which are more than willing to cater your varied needs through their saleswomen. The least that you need are assistants that will woe you into buying what you don't want. Here in Hong Kong, there were shops that I encountered that won't let you know of the discounts they have. Their signs are in Chinese so, you are most often left in the dark about what you ought to know, fooling you into buying a pair for its original price when actually it's on sale. Be careful with those.

Next, I am an actual 8 1/2. Some shops just has an 8 flat or a 9 flat so you are more likely to buy the pair that fits you best. There's nothing wrong with that. However, it still doesn't meet actual satisfaction from you.

Some are also on sale but are easy to get damaged or easily wears off, either when it gets wet, or wearing it during long walks. They cannot even be returned or exchanged since they are on sale.

5. TIMING - Never buy anything in a jiffy.

When shoe shopping, make sure you're wearing something comfortable as you may need that ease to slid on and off from a bunch of choices. It is also good to try on shoes after you are done for the day. At work, after a walk, or after working out in the gym because your feet are then pooled by blood that  usually enlarges your feet half an inch bigger as compared to when you just got up from the bed.

Also, it's good to buy shoes when there really is an occasion to go to. Some of those that you really must have are, black closed shoes for interviews or any corporate events, beige pumps for weddings and romantic dinners, sandals/flats that offer rest every now and then and running shoes that are encouraging enough for you to get that tush well kept.

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