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Charlie Brown Café holds a great number of seats to welcome those who would like to have the "Peanuts" experience. It is a café that looks like a little museum of Peanuts protagonist Charlie Brown and his friends from the comic strip by Charles M. Schulz.
Charles M. Schulz star in the Hollywood Walk
of Fame which is next to Walt Disney's
I have seen this being visited by a lot of Hong Kong residents and I thought their pictures looked so inviting on Instagram and Facebook. I was not fond of Charlie Brown when I was growing up but I know how popular it had been that it was ranked the 8th in TV Guide’s 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time along with Snoopy.

Out of curiosity, I invited the same crew that went with me at Mui Kee for a little get together as it had been 3 months from the last time we have seen our good friend, Sky. I was feeling a little energetic now than during my first trimester. My husband was also out of town so there's nothing much to do except to spend time with friends. So what the heck! The so-called “Wednesday group” invaded Ko Pah Mansion situated at 58-60 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui for a new and exciting experience!
mini fountain shot with Fern
On arrival, massive Charlie Brown decors are everywhere. The stairway was lighted up with the remarkable glass panel that amazed all of us. As you reach the first floor (Here in Hong Kong, the ground floor is considered the first floor and the first floor means being on the second...) you will be greeted by a mini fountain of Charlie Brown. There was also a section where an overhead projector shows reruns of the animated series of the loved cartoons. 

Looooved the interior, what can I say? Unique, different above all restaurants that I've been to here in Hong Kong and most of all, it was fun. The ambiance was light, the organisation was neat. The whole place seemed big enough to accommodate kiddie parties and they actually have party menus that you could check out when interested.
We went there to gather over dinner. But the menu would give this café a little bit of a disadvantage as the food is in a typical presentation. I believe it got a lot of potential since their coffee actually was good enough. We were almost going to ditch Charlie Brown Cafe for another visit at Mui Kee but again, for the sake of satisfying our curiosity, we all agreed to try whatever was in the menu since the website informed us that they serve meals. Here are what we opted to eat.

Fern's BBQ Sauce Chicken Salad in Pita Bread

Sky's Mini Burger Platter

Known for its cakes, pastries and Italian coffee, I needed a meal to nourish me and my baby, so I wasn’t able to try any of those. I had an order of bolognese and I didn't expect such huge serving. I was happy that their food is cooked without using MSG (or so it said in the menu) and that all their ingredients and condiments are organic (like what was told so in the menu yet again). So for those who are looking for a place that serves a healthy meal, you can try it here. Good for the kids too considering this fact. Get ready with a budget of HK$90-150. But I would go back for it a little much later.
My Traditional Fusilli Bolognaise

Earl's Charlie Brown Hotcake

Chicken-a-la-king Rice
FERN's additional dish. Hahaha!

It's like their own version of the Hall of Fame

Cakes and pastries are all made up with organic condiments. 
The cafe is open daily from 8:30am to 11:30 pm but it extends up until 12:30am during Friday, Saturday and Holiday Eve. It doesn’t require any reservation since it follows a first come first serve policy but for kiddie parties and similar events, you can contact them thru 2366-6315/2366-6325. The café honors self service. Don’t worry because the place is actually quiet and because we were excited and my friends and I were taking a lot of crazy pictures, we were “ssshh!”-ed by a couple who, we think, were having a serious moment.

I mean it’s far from being crowded at least for now. If you are to visit Hong Kong for the first time, include this in your itinerary if you would be spending time around Tsim Sha Tsui area. This is the best place to unwind after a whole day of shopping spree to relax and have a moment to breathe.
Here are some lists of the beverages being served just so that you'd have an idea of how pricey it is than a usual Starbucks Coffee. It might be because it's all organic, ... or so they say.

came up with an awkward pose but happy for everybody's presence

All of what I write could both be an encouragement and discouragement
but it's always up to you on how you could rate it up.
Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit B. Check it!


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