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The changing seasons always make us busy with how we are going to pimp our closet treasures accordingly. But often, when corporate attire is called for, we are almost clueless of which goes with what or if we even have the pieces to put together in the first place. Don't fret as this post might help you of the colours to choose, accessories to consider and the match up you might just be needing to understand.


Here are certain factors to consider when putting up a corporate attire. 

1. Find time to shop

Most of the people I know have tons of shirts, bags and earrings but no straight cut dress for semi formal engagements. These people choose not to go to that part of the department store/mall and waits for the last minute (usually if the occasion/event is tomorrow already) to look for an outfit and expect to get the perfect one this way. 

Change that habit.

It will only bring disaster to you and your pocket for sure. Because of lack of time, you get stressed out, you panic and you end up choosing and purchasing out of despair. Maybe it is just a silly thought for you to get ready without that big day yet but it does help when you have a dress or two ready for such office meetings. If you're going to reason out with me that it seems like it's pointless to buy what you don't need at the moment, well, those two pieces won't hurt than seeing 10 kinds of short shorts you already have or an over flowing collection of tanks that you don't even use anymore or you've outgrown already.

2. Don't mistake a corporate look with a Sunday look

The dresses may look similar because of the preferred length which is below the knee but not all. Usually, Sunday dresses are too colorful or has the tendency to be too "spring-y". They are sleeveless and usually looks too laid back. Monotones are much better to wear in the office than those that may look like everything about the dress is scattered or too loud. Of course monotones are not limited to a classic black. You may infuse your own flavor by focusing onto a single colour. You don't want your boss to be lost in translation with the attitude that your choice of dress says. Monotones suggest focus and composure. These are good qualities of a worker, what more of a leader.

See how sunday dresses impose loudness.

Here is an example of a monotone yet fun style.
You give that honest personality (perky and stylish - open to bright ideas),
yet you maintain composure and discipline if you'd notice the cut;
the shoe/bag colour that compliment the dress and
very simple accessories to match

3. Make a good impression.

Have that neat hair cut, check!
Nails done, check!
Confidence, check!
Attire - ???
How does that look like?

Yes! A dork!

So, if you don't want to look like this, make sure you have made a good research of what truly looks good on you. Be aware of the body type you have. Accept it without any hesitations. This would actually make you feel good about yourself. Then, figure out the cuts that would flatter your assets. You have to remember that dressing up is another expression of your own self. Don't dress up for somebody else, dress up for yourself. Put your own personal touch with the classics. That will surely catch your bosses' and colleagues attention that you are daring and are willing to take risks. You are clever but you're spontaneous. Like this image below entails. Everything about this attire is full of attitude. The overall appearance is subtle but every single piece is bold and confident.

4. Always choose DECENCY above all else.

There may be dresses that truly make you feel really good about yourself. But toss over that little black dress and the sleeveless ones because they are not actually corporate material. If you really are not so confident with wearing dresses with sleeves that tends to shade up because of the sweat you build up during a meeting, opt for cuts that give your armpits space to breath keeping you refreshed. Though I'm not 100% sure with that much height from the beige heels presented here, I still like how the arm hole was cut and the hue truly is a decent choice to consider complimented by the dark brown tote bag and the maroon ring.

5. Be efficient and competitive.

We are living in a competitive world. Ladies are continuously challenged if they can conform to the demands of the corporate world. But everyday is an opportunity to show your superiors what you've got. Of course, you cannot throw away everything as far as not minding your ability to carry yourself (superficial appearance) despite under great pressure. With industrial cuts and designs, you are sure that you're in the running to be the best employee of all time. Both of these images below combine efficiency with style. With confidence and skills needed to land the job, your promising career would unfold right before your eyes if you fashion these outfits to your office.

6. Avoid wearing revealing clothes.

Unless you work in a fashion magazine or you are "the" boss, never wear sleeveless tops and dresses and/or above the knee bottoms and dresses. Never give an impression that you are using something else to land a job or it's yourself that you're selling, not your skills. It's always better to keep that integrity intact and avoiding this tells everybody, "You mean business!"

7. Choose an attire that you are comfortable with.

Being nervous is understandable. To avoid further stress, don't wear anything that will constrict your blood flow depriving your brain of oxygen therefore, there is a risk for those ideas to sip out of your hold. Make sure you can breath from that tailored dress and wear comfortable shoes.

Since this weekend is all about contract meetings 
for most of my team, I hope this may help you.
If you wish to add up more information and attire,
please feel free to leave a comment down below.

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