Tuesday, May 06, 2014


I got two videos for you for my "Laid Back Tuesday":

This video called "Look Up" had gone viral because of the fact that "ALL OF US ARE GUILTY." As the world revolves, rotates, ages and spends its days and nights, it's undeniable that all of us, the sole migrants of planet earth, spend a lot of our time nowadays dealing with technology. Not just with your gadgets but basically, everything that we do, plan, use are all inclined to technology. We plan an event thru social networks, no need for tangible invitations anymore; we pick up messages worth sharing from quotes researched online and not in books of poetry; we communicate with family and friends far away from us via Skype that the word "snail" mail had to be included in the vocabulary instead of just the usual "mail" as it was used the first time...

As for my own opinion, any invention/innovation, if used beyond its purpose, is never good at all. I've been watching the series "Almost Human" and it features a world where technology goes out of control and ends up ruling over the earth. Needless to say that it's fictional and extreme, it is alarming since the future may end up like this. Yet, it shows a balance between the benefits we can get from an advanced technology (by making every police officer or detective, the star of the series, be partnered by another policeman, provided it's an android one) and the disadvantages of going by the book since it's programmed basing their decisions to ideology. The story may be a typical sci-fi one to some people.

The point that I'm getting at is this: just know the proper use of these inventions and you'll be good. There are two things that are constant in the world, TIME and CHANGE. As time goes on, you should be able to thrive by accepting change. But that doesn't mean you would allow change to just take over your life like that (snapping fingers!)!!! Know the difference between being driven by these changes and getting controlled by it that you end up inexistent.

This next video is all about appreciating the life that you are given.

I treat this video following up the "Look Up" video because I would like to remind you of the gift you are given by the Almighty above. Most often than not, engaging to gadget usage too much is a form of neglecting what we are given to enjoy. We forget how to really live. That being said, this touching video will serve as an awakening once again of how miraculous it is to be given a beating heart to share to others as we take our one and only single journey to life.

"What matters most is not the first,
but the final chapter of your life,
which unveils the details of
how well you wrote your story."

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Andre C said...

I'm so touched <3

Andre C said...

I'm so touched <3