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The SKIN is the largest organ of the body. It is also considered one of the first line of defense against harmful substances, dehydration, extreme temperatures and invasion of systemic infections. It is just right to protect, nurture and take care of our skin.

I have actually tried some products that I treat as "good finds" but I have to help you find out what's your skin type first so that you would know if these are also good for you. I found this site that actually gives me a clear and concise understanding of my own skin.

Click here to find out everything about your skin.

So, was that an awakening or what? It is somehow a dillemma when I realized that I have a combination of both oily and dry skin but when I get to be aware of the other skin conditions, I knew there was still a chance to prevent my skin to getting worse. The next thing I know, I was strolling down the aisles of Sasa trying to look for a good moisturizer that would suit my skin type. In addition to being oily and dry, my facial skin falls on the category of aging. I see fine wrinkles not because I'm 60 but because of the nature of my job.

This is one of the roles that requires heavy make up.
I work in the parade everyday. The name of the game is to smile... A LOT! In 7 years, I have earned several laugh lines and crow's feet around the eyes brought about by the gesture. And besides the fact that I'm exposed to harmful UV rays (the parade kicks off at 3:30 in the afternoon everyday and depending on park operations, it may start as early as 1:30pm), we wear make up almost everyday for the show (depending on the role we are about to do that day) and as we sweat, I am aware that my pores open to direct dirt (make up, sweat and other outdoor factors). This is depending on which weather Hong Kong is on. During Summer days, my pores just go wild just to release excess heat from my body and you could just imagine how much of the dirt can seep in thru that opening. The sad news is, we immediately go inside an airconditioned facility to cool off which immediately makes the pores close locking in the dirt adhered on the face afterwards. As far as cleansing is concerned, I'm doubtful that it totally is cleared off of dirt so I started going for facials.

I was doing this kind of treatment for awhile when I noticed then that facials aren't for me and that it usually gives me little bruises that looked like blemishes and /or blackheads from afar as it heals because of the "pricking" I needed to endure. If it's like facial spa, I'm good with it but with the pricking, it DIDN'T work for me as much as it did for others. I found it unnecessary. And because of that much pain, I don't feel good afterwards or it somehow gives me a lower sense of self-esteem because of the little wounds it leaves.

The remedy that I resorted to? Spa at home.

I do my own cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing with the key elements in mind that should be considered. I suggest you to make these key elements a habit so being lazy in doing it at the end of the day is a mortal sin. It's a win-win situation for you anyway because it ain't costly and your skin will thank you of this rituals in the future. Trust me!

OK, I'll follow the steps on how I keep my face clean and well kept as I introduce my 
"good facial finds"! And for the longest time, these are the products that have stayed with me thru all the years.


I'll be very honest, I am not that much of a freak when it comes to cleansing my face. I make sure that my hair isn't in the way by putting it up in a bun, I wear a headband to also clear my forehead of the little hairs and my cheeks of the side burns. I follow the simple luke warm water procedure to open the pores of my skin in preparation for thorough cleansing. After damping my face with luke warm water, I clear off my face of make up by using facial wipes or facial cotton soaked with Biore Cleansing Oil.

*Tip: Facial wipes may sometimes be soaked with at least a certain amount of alcohol to give you that tightened feel. This dries up the skin. So, unless specified as "ALCOHOL-FREE", rinse it with running water before dabbing it on the face soaked with a generous amount of your cleansing agent.

Now, I want to remind you that cleansing, being the first step in the needed daily facial skin regimen, doesn't mean you should be harsh and that you have to almost scrape off your skin in wiping away the dirt off it. Be careful also with too much rubbing as this takes away the natural oils that keeps the skin healthy and supple. Just make sure that you cover all of the areas that you had put make up on. Don't neglect the ears and the neck.

Some people use soap or foam cleansers. If you resort to these, may I remind you to do gentle circular motions in going thru the entire area. Besides completely clearing the entire face of dirt, you facilitate good circulation that enhances oxygen into covering the areas that aren't usually reached by good blood supply that they become wrinkly.

My skin has the tendency to be oily by the T-Zone but the corners of my lips and the orbital area tends to dry up. I for one need to be extra gentle when cleaning my face because I may be using too much of the agent or I may be rubbing too much.


I love using St. Ives' Apricot Scrub for fresh skin and St. Ives' Blemish Control because it helps in exfoliating dead dry skin cells off my face. The exfoliating beads help remove the remaining dead cells after you clean your face of make up and it helps unclog your pores of deeply trapped dirt. But after you wash up, it doesn't feel dry at all. It's non-oily natural elements leave the skin nourished. It scrubs and cleanses your skin deeply of its excess dirt but it leaves it supple. You'll feel your face a little tight as you dry because of the effect of apricot on your skin but don't worry, it's 100% natural and it will leave your skin refreshed.

Again, it's important not to miss any section of the face. And to be gentle with the cleansing motion you'd do. I love how smooth the skin feels after exfoliating. And I love how minimal the scent is from this product. It's plainly the apricot's smell that you'd sense which means, no artificial cosmetic product is added to it. 

*Tip: If you are using just a mild soap in exfoliating your face because you're skin is extra sensitive with apricot, or with the touch of the granules, you may use a damp warm cloth or a gentle sponge in rubbing off dead, dry skin.


Combined with the make up remover earlier, Biore Mild Facial Cleanser serves the type of skin I own. This always leaves my face rejuvenated and by this time, I feel that my skin is free and light. Probably because my facial skin is now free of make up, dirt and other harmful agents plus the circulation induced by the gentle circular motions had made it absorb oxygen from one whole day of entrapment.

*Tip: With every article from the magazine, online and cosmetic salons, I have always read the ideal number of times in cleansing your face should not exceed twice a day. Suggestively, upon waking up and right before you sleep.

As you finish washing your face, use a soft cloth to dry your face.

4. MOISTURIZE       

to be used during the day
I use different products for moisturising during the day and night and during cold and hot seasons. Non-greasy products or the least oily ones are very good investments for me, as my skin easily breaks out when it's too oily. Amongst all the products that I have used, the moisturiser that's right for me was the hardest to find. Thankfully, I found Olay Aquaction that is super perfect during these summer months. As soon as you open that container, the aqua blue content gives you an instant endorphin release which already brings out the "I feel good!" vibe. Upon application, it lets my face drink on that much needed moisture and that fresh fragrance feeds your mood, all at the same time.

*Tip: In moisturising, apply in an upward motion to prevent your facial skin from sagging.  From neck up, be gentle and generous as you moisturise.

Applied at night.
Olay Total Effects kept my skin from getting too dry. This has very little oil and is unscented that's why I resorted on it and here are the other benefits that may help you in knowing this fabulous find:

  • Olay Total Effects Moisturiser 50g- 7 in 1
  • Day cream- Nomal Skin
  • SPF 15
  • Fights the 7 Signs of aging
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Uneven skin tone
    • Age spots
    • Uneven texture
    • Dryness
    • Dullness
    • Pores
  • Oil free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Non-Comedogenic (won't clog pores)
  • 50g bottle
  • Made in Thailand

I hope that somehow helped you out in finding the right product.
I'll introduce you to some of the cosmetics I use next week.

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