Tuesday, August 12, 2014

9 of The Most Creative Advertisements

Living in Hong Kong had somehow made me miss a little bit of humor, creativity and inspiration when watching TV (or every commercial, shall I say) when my time permits. Most of their advertisements here do not make sense to me at all. My husband and I think it may be due to language barrier but we both end up with the same realisation saying, "Nahhhh!!! It really is senseless."

Here's a one good example.

Will somebody please make me understand what is the sense of this ad?
I was wondering if it shows how strong Hair Jam could hold the hair up I guess.
There are also nasty ones like:

This went viral and the company was somehow asked to put this down. In the news,
a man that may be one of the Creative Team, had made public apology
about this and had cleared out that he had no intention of demeaning Filipino helpers.

In an attempt to research about creativity the other day, I couldn't help but admit, that I admire the creative directors behind the following commercials. Some of them you might find funny, offensive, delightful. Yet, may I suggest that be open to what you're about to see and if you have commercials in mind that are worth sharing in line with this, I would appreciate it if you type the links below with your comments and sources (links).

1. PooPouri - I find this ad original, funny and inventive. Despite the products main concern which is "poop", I can almost categorise this as a basic need. LOL!

2. Pfizer Ad - Every second, a human being struggles with life. And it wouldn't hurt if we could inspire somebody in our own little way everyday. Here is a reminder of that.

3. Coca-cola - Raising my hands to the roof, Coca-Cola Co. really is earning some millions in paying the most gifted advertiser there is to come up with a touching, effective and piercing-to-the-soul advertisements like this. Despite the fact that sodas/softdrinks belong to what we commonly know as "junk food", people are drawn to purchasing it still because of the subliminal message it delivers to the "mass". I guess there goes the magic word, "mass" of people who greatly belong to the middle class below. Don't you agree? Take a look at this. Workers in Dubai and their families are the target purchasing mass. Why do you think so?

4. Kingston Technology - This commercial enveloped a number of life reminders that we often ignore. Most of the time, we choose to see unfortunate circumstances as it is and often finds it hard to look beyond the bigger picture. The idea of getting hold of the memories was the perfect aim for the people to invest on Kingston USB's. Amazing!

5. Chevvy - Those people who say, "Money can't buy love." ? I get it. Though there is also a point behind the statement, "Money, when utilised very well, may be a tool to bring forth further happiness, convenience and satisfaction. All of which are mostly necessary in taking care of your family." Take a look at this commercial which serves as the best graphical metaphor for it. No need for too much words and that's how I ended up giving a congratulatory gesture by clapping in the end.

6. Naik Foundation - The very heart of the foundation was depicted in this commercial, again, without any need for words or script. The message is there, it's very clear. You'll be officially amoral if you wouldn't get the idea of the two-minutes and 6 seconds story.

7. Volvo - The steering power of Volvo is what's featured yet this commercial offers more than that. It's challenging to consider that my opinion goes: the precision of the machine's performance do not overcome man's capabilities. You have other interpretation? Don't hesitate to share.

8. Ministry of Education, Singapore - This touched me in a special way because I had become an educator myself and I've always wanted the best out of my students. Academically, I aimed for them not to ever settle for just being in the middle. I had expected a lot from each of them back then. And it's rewarding to get messages from them now, being thankful of what I insisted on in the past years. You will see in this commercial that doing your job not just because of the money involved gives you back more... that self-fulfilment that a good deed beholds and that self-achievement that you have touched somebody's life inspiring them to make a difference. 

9. Thai Life Insurance - Thai people are very innovative in capturing their televiewers' hearts. There are a lot of dramatic and touching commercials they have released but this pinched my heart the most because it touched the most inevitable of all, ageing. Nobody will be exempted from dying, that's a fact. But growing old is a privilege denied to many not to mention, having somebody to take care of you when you get old falls in the same category.

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