Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Ever wondered why your breath seems to stink with however you brush your teeth? You seem to know in yourself that you have brushed 3 times today (every after meal) but your friend prefers to whatsapp you rather than talk to you in person, the stranger sitting next to you in the mtr rather chose to stand up or you can't snag even just a date. There's got to be something wrong. Maybe... you just need to pay your dentist a visit. Watch this for it may help you become aware and motivated to do so.

Now that you are aware of what may cause it, I encourage you to mind dental health and dental hygiene as much as you would go for annual body check up. The very first means of expressing yourself is communicating orally. The least you'd like to experience is for somebody to literally cover their mouth in front of you while you talk. Never neglect oral health.

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