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Seasons greetings folks! We're a week away from completing that shopping list yet again and I've come across some gift suggestions that may save you from cramming at the last minute. These are gifts that I would want for myself and that usually helps me how to figure out the best one to give since figuring out who's naughty and nice were already a huge work up.

Check these out and if you have a list of your own, don't hesitate to share it to me.

1. Nowadays, equality among the sexes are a trend. Since Emma Watson's controversial Gender Equality speech happened, there had become a conscious effort amongst the female species. They are making a name in the work force and in politics. They are empowered to make a breakthrough as much as the male species.

With that being said, Urban Decay's NAKED On-The-Go Palette would be the perfect gift for a fun, fearless female friend, loved one or relative. This is a new limited edition that can keep up with a busy woman's schedule. May it be a presentation that has to be done during the day or a deal to close over a dinner meeting at night, this palette can bring out the confidence in every lady who knows what she wants and how to get it. Complete with a blusher, bronzer, 5 different colours of eye shadow, a 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil and a mascara, this good buy gives you more than your money's worth. These are also all new shades that cannot be seen in the 1st 3 palettes that Urban Decay released so, it's quite exciting to try them on.

So decide fast and order it online by checking out Urban Decay's website.

Contigo AUTOSEALKangaroo Water Bottle
2. I am glad that exactly 4 months after giving birth, I will be able to go back to dancing in the parade. My core is getting strong enough and I feel good at surviving each workout. The truth is, as soon as my maternity leave ceased which was less than 2 months after giving birth, I resumed to active lifestyle as per advised by my gynaecologist.

My postnatal programme is still going on. My day job is a physically demanding one so I keep up with the athletic training I have to endure to get back to the usual fitness I had before. The real challenge is with my own self. Yet every time I go for a run, I find it a pain to bring a purse with me without a safe place to keep it in since i prefer running outdoors. But I came across this water bottle that has a compartment that can hold important items such as money or a key. For US$13.36, you can get the Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo Water Bottle via available in different colours and design.

So, I believe that this is the best gift for an athletic friend. You wouldn't just be providing a handy water bottle, you're also sending a subliminal message for him/her to pursue a healthy lifestyle. You know what they say, health is wealth.

3. For your friend who'd rather sit on the couch with a cappuccino at hand and a book, I recommend giving that person a compilation of stories of real people. And who could be more real than the ones who live in New York?

Humans of New York
by Brandon Stanton
US$ 29.99
Although the website to get this doesn't guarantee delivery during the holidays, "Humans of New York" hold a Facebook account featuring some of the stories that are all touching, inspiring and moving. If you want to get hold of those by your coffee table, order at

4. For your god sons or daughters, it's easy to just give away money but for some, they find it an achievement when they are able to check their list since that always is never ending every year.

As a god parent, it's good to make them feel that you are looking after their welfare during winter by giving them presents that will surely extend the warmth of your love to them. And crocheted clothes are always a nice choice. You can do it on your own if you have time or purchase ones like these.

5. There will always be the techie friend that would not want anything but a cool gadget or a sublime additional to their collection. And for this year, I have come across the solution to the risky "cloud" for storage of personal files like photos, documents, videos and many more.

WD My cloud 4TB Personal Cloud Storage
4TB US$189.99

The WD My cloud 4TB Personal Cloud Storage - NAS (WDBCTL0040HWT-NESN) are now on sale in with a highly recommended review from It maybe pricey but nowadays, it's surprisingly necessary to get hold of that much memories of your kids being able to show progressive skills on video, for that special moment at work when you got a colleague's priceless reaction as he/she gets promoted caught on camera or the everyday lunch out documentation that you've been recording.

6. Innovation may come in handy to somebody who needs coffee in the morning to function. I for one am guilty for being so. And personally, I'd like to have this awesome On/Off Mug that turns on (white) when you pour in something hot to it and remains off (black) when there's nothing in most especially this Christmas season. It wouldn't only wake you up, it also has a subliminal message to have a positive outlook as you are turned on and going.

On Off Mug

Financial Acumen Piggy Bank
US$ 29.95
7. Another nice gift for much older kids is this digital piggy bank which can be set to saving up for 3 specific goals or for 3 individual kiddos. It records how much is due every time and it keeps a reminder when you are supposed to deposit to keep it maintained. In addition, you can set the secret code to keep the savings locked. Unless it is inputted to the chamber, it will stay sealed and out of reach.

This may teach youngsters to save and work hard in pursuing what they aim to achieve. The FINANCIAL ACUMEN PIGGY BANK can be ordered via

I am not quite sure if it's still available but I hope that this could help you come up with a DIY of your own.

8. A time with the family is always a time not wasted. And there's no better way to do this than to share a meal altogether. And it's good to have that thought that you are able to cook for your loved ones too anytime, anywhere. This X-Grill by Picnic Time is quite a huge help to attain this so consider it as a good gift for a family that values time being together or for a group that loves bringing a party everywhere.

by Picnic Time
US$ 49.95

Bluelounge Studiodesk
9. Undeniably, it had been a fast paced generation for most people whose tasks are done and achieved online. For some people who strive to work at home, this desk could be the best choice for a gift this Christmas.

Being organised every time is an edge to finishing a project efficiently. And an organised working environment reduces stress when crunch time happens. Knowing and keeping what you need within arm's reach saves time. Decluttering reduces your risk of getting distracted and ending the day with unfinished tasks.

This Bluelounge Studiodesk can stash cables and other crap that may interfere in keeping up with a busy person's daily tasks. It may be pricey but this desk is made up of real mahogany and the surface the covers the compartment is real authentic leather giving you a quality desk that will surely serve you for a long time.

10. Last but not the least, in the name of organisation, I suggest that if your friend likes everything tidy and is in need of that much space (since Asian abodes are fairly small), this Shoe Storage is the best gift because it may contract or expand to fit the closet. More details about the product and ordering may be done by clicking here.

Shoe Storage
US$ 52.00
I hope this list had helped you out. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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