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15 Celebrities Who Are Smart With Their Money.... This is what they did!

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We have seen so many celebrities who've risen up to fame but only a few maintain a habit of saving it for a future storm. For them, nothing's permanent most especially, earning a lot of money. Read away to get some smart tips from these mindful stars.

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TV: New Girl
Movies: 500 Days of Summer

Despite the fact that she plays a flaky free spirit on TV, Zooey Deschanel is one financial whiz. She saves 76% of her income and zero debt. She has well over a million dollars in the bank and even more invested. So the lesson from Zooey is to aim to save more than you spend.


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TV: Sex and the City
Movies: Sex and the City 1 & 2, How Does She Do It

The light bulb eyed Sarah Jessica Parker came from humble beginnings and despite being wealthy, she wants her son to have that same mentality. In fact, her son wears only hand me downs from her older nephews. She prides herself on teaching her son that he owes something to the community and that he is not entitled to the money his parents earned. The lesson is to stay humble and save money even when you have plenty.


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Known for:

- being the world's most successful investor of the 20th century
- being the chairman, CEO and largest stockholder of Berkshire Hathaway
- "Oracle of Omaha", "Sage of Omaha", "Wizard of Omaha"

This one might be expected and yet the facts might not be. Sure Warren Buffet is famous for being well rich beyond your wildest dreams, but he certainly doesn't live like it. He lives in a very modest five bedroom home that he purchased for $30,000 forty years ago. He also buys used cars, nice cars but still used cars. So the key is that even if you are very rich you can save that money and find ways to do more good with it.


TV: MTV's Punk'd, That 70's Show
Movies: Spread, What Happens in Vegas

This jack of all trades may play goofy guys in TV and movies but he is a very smart investor. He has taken to investing in startups and his hunches are usually right. He is so good with investing that he now runs Grade-A investments. So if you have money just lying around, use it to make smart investments.


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TV: Star Trek, Boston Legal, The Practice
Movies: Star Trek 1,2,3, Miss Congeniality

William Shatner may not be in the public eye much beyond Priceline commercials are proof of what a smart investor he is. Priceline was a small startup that approached Shatner about doing radio spots. As the company grew they wanted Shatner to do television commercials but could not afford to pay him. Shatner believed in the company and offered to take stock in the company as his fee. His gamble certainly paid off.


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TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, That 70's Show
Movies: Italian Job, Can't Hardly Wait

This actor, producer and director is very smart with his money. He spends wisely and makes sure to save plenty. He is so dedicated to being smart with his finances that he tries to help his fans follow suit. He even had a one hour special on ABC entitled Un-Broke and he has a you tube video that openly mocks Cribs. So follow the financial advice of someone who is wealthy and successful, chances are they know what they are doing.


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TV: Blossom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Movies: I am Legend, Pursuit of Happyness, Seven Pounds

Will Smith has become something of a financial celebrity on top of his acting and music career. With quotes like, "Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like." He knows how to spend and save his money. He learned the hard way too when became nearly bankrupt in 1990 after underpaying his income tax. That experience gave him the discipline to keep his money.


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TV: Mark Cuban (Shootout)
Movies: Shark Tank

Here is another man who is famous basically for being rich. He is also known for his role on Shark Tank (which he has because he's rich) and it is that role that shows why he is so smart with his money. Mark Cuban has a very diverse investment portfolio to decrease his risk. He has real estate, computer companies, the Dallas mavericks and a number of startups. So having a diverse portfolio is a good way to make money from investments with minimal risk.


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TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Movies: Call of the Dead

You might not expect someone with a net worth like Sarah Michelle Gellar to be much of a bargain shopper but this celebrity prefers to put her money toward charitable causes like Habitat for Humanity. She has been seen using coupons for her dry cleaning and shopping at department stores on double reward days. The key here is that even if you have money to pay full price, there is no reason to pass up a sale or a coupon when they are available.


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TV: America's Next Top Model
Movies: Coyote Ugly

Chances are, you know Tyra Banks because she's beautiful, but that's one of the last reasons why you should know her. She enrolled in Harvard Business School in 2011 and graduated three years later. She has since used her education to start a number of companies and she is currently the CEO of several. So, the lesson is to educate yourself in business as much as you can and never limit yourself.

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TV: Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
Movies: The MATRIX, Constantine, Devil's Advocate

Keanu Reeves has been ranked as one of the most generous celebrities alive today and he can be that generous celebrities alive today and he can be that generous because he lives solely off the income from his past movies. He lives in a modest apartment and rides the subway to work. The money he earns from his current projects he gives to the movie crews so that they can pay off their debt. The key is not to spend money as you get it and make a budget. Since Keanu can live off the wealth he gained from past movies he can now take projects he enjoys and be generous with his earnings.


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Jay Leno lives off a very unique philosophy, work two jobs. Live off the money you earn from one job and save the money your earn from the other. When Jay Leno was the host of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno for two decades he made $25million a year. He NEVER spent any of that money. Instead he lived off the money as a comedian and saved everything from the TV show.


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TV: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Chicago P.D.
Movies: Lake Placid, Leaving Las Vegas

Mariska Hargitay is the face of the very popular and successful Law and Order: SVU and she became one of the highest paid women in network television earning $500,000 an episode. However, she came from humble beginnings and says that she constantly worries about money. She's stated that she's been without money longer than she's had it, so she budgets and plans for a future for when she doesn't have money.


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TV: Heroes, Gossip Girl
Movies: Frozen (Anna's voice), Veronica Mars

Kristin Bell has often joked about being frugal and wanting to save her money. She and her husband Dax Shepard have a net worth of $18 million and yet the pair will never be seen living a lavish lifestyle. Their wedding was not one for a television special and Dax jokes that their wedding cost a mere $142 (including gas!) at the courthouse. Kristen Bell says that she is always using coupons and loves coupons, her favourite is a Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon.

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Band: Foo Fighters, Guitarist

Dave Grohl is a famous drummer that has a fortune of a $225 million and he remains the drummer for the Foo Fighters. Despite having a large home with a built in recording studio he says that he's afraid to spend his money. He keeps a large savings because he says without a high school diploma he has nothing to fall back on. So he wants to make sure his current fortune will last him the rest of his life if it has to. Planning for retirement or the future is a good move to make, no matter how much money you have.

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