Saturday, April 11, 2015


Want to know what's recently trending today in sports? Well how about feeling how marbles clashing with each other do for a challenge? I'm pretty sure you've played Pinball too? Picture this, those marbles and pin balls on steroids and that you are wearing the huge ball overhead and that you could walk with it. Oh! Let me rephrase that, "in" it. OK, now, put it up a notch more.... play soccer with it!

Yes! Bubble Soccer is "it" nowadays people! 

Now, what you need to know about this sport is that it is waaaayyyy beyond hilarious!

It will truly knock you off your socks but it's not that easy. According to the Steve Harvey Show, this Plastic Bubble Soccer a.k.a. Plastic Bubble Football was from Denmark and was popularised in the U.S. and had found its way here in Hong Kong. Now, from the name itself, you play soccer wearing the plastic bubble yet tackling is completely legal and that there are no fouls that would be counted. Before I go further with my experience with it, I'll give you an outlook thru this video first.

You might be curious as to how the mechanics go. Well, Hong Kong Bubble Soccer has 3 rules:

1. NEVER attack an opponent from a blind side.

As I have put on the bubble soccer, it was kind of a constricting back pack that compromises your peripheral view and limits your physical activities. Only your feet can move. Since you're basically wrapped by the whole bubble, your legs and core become your power (to keep your balance). Hence, you ability to turn around and check behind you is almost impossible. To avoid injuries and awful accidents, this becomes the number 1 rule.

2. NEVER attack from behind.

To give emphasis to the first rule and to make it clear, this has to be specified.

3. NEVER attack an opponent/anybody while they are getting up. 

Let them settle first. After they are able to gain their balance, wait 'til the referee resumes the game. 

My husband's workmates had put up this event to involve each others' families and they chose well for Soccerball is a fun filled experience. They had divided the participants into 5 groups and my team had won 3rd place that evening. I was in my 4th month of recovery from giving birth so it was pretty challenging for me. I was also wearing my boots and needless to say, it's better to dress up appropriately (wear rubber sneakers) to avoid sprained ankles. Also, bring an extra shirt with you because wearing and carrying the plastic ball alone could make you sweat like a pig.

Fitness wise, this may help anybody who's trying to lose weight. Guaranteed that you'll shed off pounds in no time. The coolest part of it all is that, you are having too much fun that you would hardly find it boring like the other forms of exercise.

My husband is into SPORTS and so were everybody. They were pretty serious about it that's why in the end, the game became intense. Every single player was capable and were competitive. Some got hurt along the way because of the critical kicking to make a goal. Overall, stretching is needed and caution is to observed at all times. Other than that, enjoy letting go and this is definitely something to add to your pocket of firsts because of the unique enjoyment it creates.

Here's a clip of one game. Notice how it could get rough and how important it is to follow the rules. Forgive the background comments though.

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