Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Hello everybody! There's only one reason why we should be celebrating Cinco de Mayo and that is LIFE. You see, the unlikely victory of Mexicans over the French forces at the Battle in Puebla way back 1862 was short lived yet it boosted Mexican troops and Mexican morale in general. And I believe there's no other way to celebrate this than a little booze and music after a good hearty meal. Not necessarily Mexican, here's to share my new 5 additional songs in my playlist that just make me dance in an instant.

Enjoy folks!

1. LIPS ARE MOVING - by Meghan Trainor

Why is it no. 1? I just love how she embraces her true self. And not just that, she's fierce in her own cute way. My daughter loved her first featured single "All About That Bass". This video on the other hand, features the "Les Twins" and "Chachi Gonzales". They're my favourite dancers but Chachi's talent fee seemed so high probably that's why she just stretched in one part of the video.

2. SHAKE IT OFF - by Taylor Swift

Now, stress could take its toll on us. To some, they treat Cinco de Mayo as a holiday. Or, for those that are just rich and/or financially free, it's another way of partying, so, if you just have that excess baggage from the previous week, this could be a perfect song to help you shake it off your shoulders to be able to fully have fun. We call this song a G.V. (good vibes) kind of music.

3. UPTOWN FUNK ft. Bruno Mars - by Mark Ronson

This MTV was made following the old school style. Everytime I watch this, I dance with my daughter because it's very upbeat and somehow it doesn't tire us at all. Bruno Mars is truly exceptional with his talent. His MTV's too leave a mark on every fan as well. It's different from each other but it got that touch of funk.

4. FLAWLESS - by Beyonce

The new vibe that Beyonce is emitting is contagious. It's bold and empowering. If you want to be extra confident for an important Monday meeting, for a run or for a date, simply keep this latest album attune. Les Twins are here once again by the way.

5. SEE YOU AGAIN - by Wiz Khalifa

This touching single plays in the background as the last Fast and the Furious movie highlights Brian O' Conner and Dominic Toretto parting ways. It's much of a slow jam that requires lots of cool hip hop bounces. My passionate contemporary dancer friend, Crease, had choreographed a little part of this song and it just hits me straight thru.

So, there you have it, my 5 favourite hits as of Cinco De Mayo.

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