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Hogan and I were just "voluntears" (Disney's way of calling their volunteers)

Mushu Cheerleading, 2012
Team MUSHU, established in 2008, had been performing very well for the past 3 years in the annual Dragon Boat Festivities both here in Hong Kong and in Singapore. My husband and I had participated in our own right since we knew of the team from work. (I started as a cheerleader, then paddled finally in 2013 but got knocked up so he continued with the legacy alone. LOL!) Yes, you read it right. The team was established from the workplace and besides having the common thing, being champions in paddling, you need to know that TEAM MUSHU is "ushum" (awesome) also as performers. Little did their opponents know, paddling is just an extracurricular activity to them.

Each member of the team are trained and honed to possess special skills that no other competitor, (I'm sure) could own because some of them had been starting since they were 8. The team is composed of dancing athletes, special skill performers and gymnasts that as tough as they may seem, they own a special kind of flexibility... may it be physical or psychological.

Awarding Ceremonies, Discovery Bay Plaza

What does that mean? Majority of the paddlers are parade dancers. Meaning, rain or shine, under a chilly or very hot weather, they do what they do best. And I have to give emphasis on "performing". Despite all these forces of nature, they remain real in aiming to give out world class entertainment  And speaking of forces of nature, some of them eat fire... literally. You would understand what I'm saying if you have seen the Lion King Show. In addition, some of them perform as aerialists, uhm.... they defy gravity more or less everyday, 4 times a day if they get lucky. So, it's really hard to pinpoint the ulterior reason behind every gold this USHUM team gets. Definitely not just luck.

Training with the USHUM MUSHU's, 2013

Beyond the expected physical talents they own, they possess the mindset, the right attitude and one heart in battling out there with veteran racers who had been there way before 2008. Today, it is yet again to be proven in one of the most sought after Dragon Boat Race events, the Discovery Bay Dragon Boat Race, how Team Mushu unites with one common goal, TO WIN.

My daughter and I are on our way to support my husband and the rest of the crew at Discovery Pier. If any of you would like to witness the fun come join us. There would be a special performance by the cheering squad as well late in the afternoon before the announcement of winners would be done  Location: DBAY PLAZA

MUSHU's in Singapore
Men's team, Silver - Women's Team, Gold
DBS Marina Regatta 2015

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