Tuesday, July 07, 2015


One of the beautiful things internet can do is that it makes virtual lessons handy. When you're a working mom, it's a continuous challenge to juggle responsibilities at work and at home altogether. There's no indication as to who is better, a mom that works or a mom that stays home because let's face it, it's not about "us". But it's about the kids that we raise. And from a working mom's perspective, I find these educational Sesame Street videos handy and lively, as far as animation and element of music is concerned. Not just that, I enjoy watching them myself without that much guilt of not putting too much effort when it comes to teaching my daughter. We both love sitting down together as our special way of bonding, singing along with these celebrities as they put fun stuff to learn in their craft. Here are some of both I and my daughter's favourites.

1. ALICIA KEYS with Elmo - If I haven't mentioned before, I love the soulful attack of her music. I'm surprised that when I played this to my daughter, she literally stopped what she was doing and made time to listen to her voice. Like mom, like daughter I guess.

2. INDIA ARIE  with Elmo - I feel blissful whenever I hear India Arie sing and so does my little one as she plays with ABC notes with Elmo. I find that her clothes are colorful too so both the senses of hearing and vision, there she captures.

3. FEIST singing thru from number 1 to 4 - My daughter seems to have a special ear for a good voice. Here's another favourite of hers as Feist's voice doesn't just soothe the blues but also makes monsters seem cute. Hahaha!

4. USHER - singing ABC's this way will surely make mornings with your little ones revved up just like how my mornings are with my little ball of energy. The power of repetition should never be underestimated for my daughter somewhat does some of the moves of USHER in this video now that she's able to walk on her own. You may also find it benefiting for an early morning workout starter. Let's dance it all out with this next video!

5. JASON MRAZ - My daughter is also fond of hearing the guitar strings since I play the guitar to her whenever I can. So, this is a video where she truly appreciates the song by clapping on her own, along with the kids at the end. I love how this song encourages kids to play outside thru its lyrics as people nowadays are just hooked to gadgets forgetting how to have fun by interacting with others.

6. BRUNO MARS - In addition to the playlist you currently might be putting up for your kid, don't forget to include this empowering song by a much younger looking Bruno Mars. My baby girl learned to do head-turning because of this video. It looks so funny at first. One of the most precious moments I have in my mind about her.

7. ED SHEERAN - as a rising star, Ed Sheeran is known for a unique work. See how he sings about the difference about schooling and staying home. My daughter and I anticipates the part where they all sing, "at ho-ho-Uh-oh-oh-o-o-ohme we go! to schoo-u-u-u-ool, we go!!!!" We love it!

8. JANELLE MONAE - singing the "Power of Yet" with kids makes my daughter swing from left to right because she thinks their moves and second voicing sound cool. I believe she literally jumps to the beat this video exudes when played. I honestly just knew of Janelle here. And then I realized her songs are actually unique as well. Truly an artist!

9. WILL.I.AM - one of the youngest artists to ever establish himself independently. He is beyond talented and he is beyond what he seems to be. As his name says, this song is all about embracing an individual's uniqueness.

10. MICHAEL BUBLE - It is imperative to have alternative mellow music in your playlist to keep everything in balance. Kids are like sponges so, it's good to expose them to a variety of music for them to learn the different moods each music suggests. Establishing a perspective is important and for them to determine preferences, it's good for them to know all kinds of music.

I hope you'll have fun with your kids watching these videos. It's an amazing feeling to see how my daughter grows and develops, learning and embracing the alphabet, some numerics, and some other information as I play this continuously almost every day. She is able to appreciate, join and play all at the same time. On the other hand, I get to finish chores, I get to write and I get to enjoy myself as well, watching these with her.

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