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Since we are made from the image and likeness of God:
"The desire to create is one of the
deepest yearnings of the human soul.
Being influenced into widening my horizons in pursuit of financial freedom, I've come to a realisation that the road to being rich is not easy. Time is of the essence, that's consideration number one. It's easy to say that everything follows after that. Taking advantage of the power of habit, compounding and your biggest emotional WHY are key factors. But I encounter bumps in the road every now and then such as slacking, procrastinating and doubting. According to the books I hold very substantial with my aims and goals, they always remind their readers to find a way to sustain such drive. This is due to the reason that at one point, it will be hard to keep up with your goals because of certain reasons, dilemmas and personal challenges. In short, we may find ourselves going back to our own bad habits when we don't feel some sort of gratification or reward with our chosen investment tools. And this is not just 1% of the people who tried to keep a budget (for example) to give justice to their goals. Most of the time, 99% fail because they didn't establish ways to continuously inspire themselves to keep the fire burning.

The books mentioned about choosing the people you hang out with and having mentors. Better yet, finding people that you may look up to who are experts in the field that you'd like to achieve. The most important thing is, establish your deepest WHY then find the people who'd respect and support it.

With that being said, I continuously observe myself as to how I'm usually moved, how do I get driven... Blessed be, the presence of an old colleague who now directs shows in the Philippines, taking a photo of me while performing had made me figure out that people, who become successful with their pursuit inspire me (like her) more than ever. That night, I thought of how far some of the people I knew from before had gone and I decided to feature them in terms of the small businesses they now own.

At first, I just wanted these people to be in my vision board to serve as an inspiration to me but I thought of sharing their story to all of you as well. Besides the recognition they deserve, it maybe one of the small business ideas that you were eyeing from the beginning but never had the courage to go for because of huge amounts of doubts in your head.


Townhouses built by Architect Alvin Gloda Del Mundo
a sample of what an accordion gate
looks like
OK people, I've got to start with the very familiar to me. I basically grew up seeing my mom and her siblings reign in Sampaloc, Manila (Philippines) with their real estate businesses. My parents had owned a Realty Corporation and a second-hand lumber before. They resell antique furnitures, sturdy accordion gates, high quality G.I. sheets (to name a few) in line with demolishing, building and selling town houses all over the district. Eventually, none of us had continued the business since, I ended up being a licensed nurse turned performing artist, our eldest became a dentist and our youngest graduated Information Technology turned nurse. (That almost sounded like a cycle I know!)

Any legacy ready to be built starts with a calling. And my cousin, ALVIN GLODA DEL MUNDO was called upon to design and build the modern town houses of today when he became a full-pledged architect.

"Never be afraid of CHANGE.
It will always be constant in our lives."
- Architect Alvin Gloda Del Mundo
I grew up with my cousins and Alvin was the youngest of us all. Because of that, he gets bullied most of the time and the way he reacts was actually funny. He would always mumble, "You will see, I will be somebody someday." And from then on, I know that he was a man of his word and failing was never in his vocabulary.

He graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology and had earned his license after several projects involving his mom.

My auntie, as I remember (and I hope she won't hate me saying this), was very strict on my cousin, Alvin. Being the only son, he was the only heir to manage the business that his mom had put up in great efforts. Eventually, it had paid off. No bias, but before Alvin reached 30, he had established a good reputation as a reliable manager of the family business involving her wife who's an architect as well and had been helping out in each of his project's design and utilisation.


Nature of Business: Design, build and sell, demolition of houses

Ownership: Family owned

Location: Manila, Philippines

Number of years before it was established: since he was college, 12-15 years

Edge of the Product (how is it different from others): They proudly design it from ground up. Their passion and profession are their edge over the other realtors.

Invested money on the business: Php 0.00 - since family owned

Price range of the product: Php 5-7 million/unit

Planned Investment, a hobby or ultimate dream? "Definitely an ULTIMATE DREAM!"

Training: MAPUA Institute of Technology for the engineering degree. Own enterprise for practice.

Is this your first business? Yes.

Further plans (expansion)? Bigger design office to cater more clients.

Little trivia about the business? I treat this business as my playground. It's the type of business that has no redundancy... every project/design is like a new toy to be played in the mind.

When Alvin was young, I would always see a lot of model vinyl collector's item sort of toys for his collection. The ones that you have tinker with to build its form. He was a fan of lego too and we loved playing in the second hand lumber back then. I am more than proud of how he had become that I look up to his achievements. You can contact him at his email if you're interested to avail of his services:


As a performing artist, I hail dance schools. Moreover, I know how hard it is to get kids into liking dance most especially when their parents are not even fond of this form of art to begin with.

Since I have handled a class for two whole summers in Jill Ngo's Peak Dance Studio 8 years ago, I can totally relate to short attention spans, bratty attitude and clueless faces as to why they have to dance. I feel that it is such an achievement every time I am able to make a kid move somehow back then. That's why I look up to a dance teacher's dedication.

Personally, dancing had been a way for me to balance myself. Besides writing, it is an utmost way to express myself. I love it very much that I don't mind doing it everyday. Now, that I get to do it, it gets a little harder to accept each day that there will come a time that I would get old and would not be as flexible or active as I am today. To that, I always see to it that I dance like my last each time.

"Put your passion as a front liner.
Nothing will work if you're not passionate
and if you don't love what you're doing."
- Verna Fajila-Brazil
As I get to work in the happiest place on earth, I was able to come across a pool of the most talented people.

Verna, one of the prima ballerinas of her time is both a blessing and an angel for me. Trained in Ballet Philippines, I had known Verna to be part of the chorus dancers (as a gazelle) of Hong Kong Disneyland's Lion King Theatre Show.

At a volleyball match, she was one of the people who had saw a spark between my husband (now) and I upon our first meet-up 8 years ago. Little did I know then that he kept on asking her who I was.

Verna's aspiration was to become a professional ballerina since she was little. In fulfilling this dream, she worked hard and looked up to all the people that helped her reach her dreams. She realised that she was being called to teach as her passion for dance had grown enormously thru the years. She believed that she could inspire younger generations thru performing arts.

One thing I know about Verna is that, she is a very selfless person, very thoughtful and kind. This shines thru her wide range of scholarships thru the dance workshops she offers at Edge 'N Pointe. She offers a long list amounting from HK$0 to HK$500/month. She got encouraged to put up Edge 'N Pointe in Hong Kong since she had seen the difference she believes she could make. And that is to cultivate it more to those who are interested.


Nature of Business: Dance and performing arts school.

Edge 'n Pointe Dance Centre caters to kids from 2 to adults that and is teaching a wide array of dance classes including:


Ownership: Verna Fajilan-Brazil

Location: Hong Kong

Number of years before it was established: She had dedicated all her life for this to be established. Business wise, it was never her intention to come up with a business but it was her ultimate dream to have a school.

Verna as part of Ballet Philippines takes a flight
in its production of Cinderella, 2002
Edge of the Product (how is it different from others): The main edge is the quality of learning they provide. As a lover of arts, Verna's aim is to cultivate the art of dancing in our society much further. For that objective to be given justice, it is important for her that the team she's working with are not half-baked. This way, the passion and the art of dance would be instilled to the students at its finest.

Invested money on the business: Money or earning is just a plus for Verna. TIME is of the essential investment since she had dedicated all her life to making this happen. She had invested in herself and the learning she got from her teachers are priceless. With that being said, she is willing to share what she had learned for the sake of learning and exploration on her students' behalf.

Price range of the product: HK$0 (for scholars) up to HK$500/class

Planned Investment, a hobby or ultimate dream?"Definitely an ULTIMATE DREAM!", says Verna.

Training: Ballet Philippines

The Nutcracker, 2003
Is this your first business? Yes.

Further plans (expansion)? A number of centres have asked their help with their programmes and they're more than glad to do so. They have one with Baumhaus (Hong Kong), Wan Chai, Admiralty.

They've also won the Group Of the Year in participating in the Aberdeen International Youth Festival in Scotland.

Now they are in Portland, sharing further their talents and widening their horizons more and more in the name of arts.

Little trivia about the business?

"We just came back from the Aberdeen International Youth Festival in Scotland. It is one of the best and biggest youth arts festivals in the world. Without government or corporate sponsorship, we depended on individual donors. Although we were only able to raise 1/3 of the costs, and I personally loaned the rest, I decided to take this risk just to foster the arts in the youth. The dancers did very well there and although the festival is not a competition but a gathering of young artists worldwide, we were surprised when we were presented the Group of the Year Award at the end of the festival. Truly heartwarming."
- Verna

Here's a glimpse of how their rehearsal went. This is truly inspiring. What more you would watch the real performance!

Contact Details: 
Phone Number: 66882167


"If you are passionate about your dreams,
and you are willing to work hard for it,
Don't let anyone or anything stop you.
Go straight to the path,
don't even contemplate on having a fall back!
Because once you do,
you're just allowing failure to seep in!
Jordan Punsalang, Art Director,
Parallax Dance Company
There is yet another colleague of mine that had put up his own dance company in Australia.

I have been under Jordan Punsalang for a scholarship grant from FEDEX Philippines. Cheerleaders were to perform every halftime for every game FEDEX team would play in the annual Philippine Basketball Association League. He was our choreographer. During the course of the season, there were dance classes in between for us cheerleaders to be aided in adapting to jazz style. Specifically, Jordan's style.

This had sharpened my skills, pushed me to my limit and had helped me love dancing even more because its orgasmic high that takes place every after show keeps me energetic enough to keep up with my studies. I had benefited on the endorphin release that takes place because I took dancing as my form of exercise back then.

Jordan was strict on all of us in general back then but it moulded me into getting more aware of my physique. What it can do and how it can perform better. Jordan emphasised the cliche, "Dancers are the athletes of God." and he continuously aims to serve his purpose by using his talents at its maximum. He teaches, conducts recitals, makes projects happen all to hail the craft of dancing, a talent that is a gift from God. I remember him saying, "I would never have a shy attitude because God had blessed me with enough armour to make me confident enough. I would never choose to take this gift for granted because I know that everyday is an opportunity to make myself better at it." as a form of encouraging shy girls that I was team mates with back then.

Of course, every now and then he has gigs so I also danced under his group, Dancecap. With that being said, windows of opportunities had opened up (choreographing for commercials, corporate events and shows).

Jordan is one of the few teachers I had that truly inspired me into digging deeper as far as passion is concerned. He influenced me greatly not only in terms of dance but also in life. Being talented is just one of his great qualities but on top of that, he's smart, confident and fearless. These are the major attributes he exemplified on me. And yet again, I am in awe when I learned that upon his migration to Australia, he had established a dance company of his own in approximately 6 months.
Parallax Dance Company is one of Geelong's finest dance companies,
composed of highly skilled dancers all over the region.


Nature of Business: Dance Company and Dance School

Ownership: Own Company

Location: MAAD Studios, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Number of years before it was established: 6 months upon moving to Australia

Edge of the Product (how is it different from others): Before Parallax Dance Company had been established, Jordan Punsalang had taught in countless studios in the Philippines. With that much knowledge from his collegiate years to teaching commercially, now he's in Australia to share this extensive amount of knowledge and infusing it with what Australia had grown used to.

Price range of the product: Php AUS$12-15/class/person

Planned Investment, a hobby or ultimate dream? Primarily, Jordan did it in the name of passion. As planned, it is both an investment and a dream.

Training: He admits that he's not trained in business. But he has experience in handling dance companies and had facilitated dance schools.

What encouraged you to take the first step? Knowing how confident Jordan is, he follows his gut most of the time in making decisions. What he feels right inside is usually his decision maker.

Contact Details:

Get in touch or be abreast with the latest shows, workshops and events by liking their Facebook page:
Contact Number+61 434 036 933

Is this your first business? It is his first in Australia.

Further plans (expansion): "Hopefully, in the next couple of years, I can put up another studio.", wishes Jordan

Little trivia about the business: Jordan had emphasised the number of dance schools in their cities which is around 40. And his dance company is the only one run by a male.

"A positive attitude is very important.
So you need to be a people person."
- Shane K Dudoit

One thing I quite remember so well as I feed my brain with the do's and don't's of acquiring riches is that, you should always be open to opportunities. Everything starts with an idea. And if we are going to truly listen and focus, ideas are everywhere. We may even attract them. Even with the simplest things we do and the most usual events occurring every time, every day, what you usually are obsessed with, could be a good idea. Most often than not, to turn into a business. What you love doing is what you do best. A fun fact to consider is that, when you see yourself procrastinating to give way to this thing that you do best, or time stops when you actually do it, that's what usually gives you loads and loads of money. You deny to yourself that you're working nor you feel the load because you LOVE what you're doing. Hence, there's no labor to consider. It's amazing if you'll be aware of this power that you have early on. But for some people, it's never too late.

That's why the last, but not the least, person that I would be including is the one that made a business out of what he loves to do. SURFING.

Now, to be honest, I don't really know much about it but it's something worth trying. I have never surfed before. But I am more than willing to learn provided, affordable surf lessons are available.

To cater to that need of many a number of tourists  like me who don't know how to surf, yet are interested, Shane K Dudoit had put up MAUI O.M.W. in Maui, Hawaii but he had made it available to Asians by making the booking doable here in Hong Kong as well. Marketing wise, he is a Hong Kong resident so, he makes MAUI O.M.W. accessible to both the east and west. But before I go further, let me tell you something about Shane.

I've known Shane to be one of my husband's co-workers at the happiest place on earth. A true performing artist as he loves and enjoys dancing. I remember a cha cha number we did altogether and he opened it with a breathtaking choreography that was sizzling hot to put an intro to it. But going back to where he had been born and where he grew up in (Makawao, Hawaii), he was a traditional dance performer owning the authentic Polynesian grace and style entertaining hundreds of tourists that visit.

Fire Knife Dancer, Festival of the Lion King,
Hong Kong Disneyland, 2005-2014
His calling to perform to different kinds of people didn't stop there as he came to Asia to be part of  the Hong Kong Disneyland's Lion King Theatre Show. He had performed in stilts, danced in chorus and was a fire knife dancer. There's not many of them here in Asia so he shares that when he sees one, they instantly know they are connected somehow.

Hoku, as he is known to us, is fond of sports (he's a rower, shoots some ball and is very good in any water sports, most especially surfing) and he loves going to the gym. He loves doing Capoeira. Furthermore, he is attached to the ocean and he owns a shark tattoo that signifies his love for it hidden in the traditional Polynesian tattoo.

Since he was 7, he had sworn love to the ocean. He was actually a certified life guard before coming over to Hong Kong. As he becomes inspired by an acquaintance in Hong Kong to think about his life, what he wants to do and how that person believed in him lit a fire in his heart to go for it.

Name of Company: MAUI O.M.W. (ONE MORE WAVE)

Nature of Business: Surfing Schools, Private Surfing Lessons and Sales

Description of Product: My products are 9-11 ft. Soft Top Long Boards, and Stand Up Paddle Boards, and a couple of Epoxy Stand Up Boards

Ownership: Own Company

Location: Maui, Hawaii

Number of years before it was established: 7 years

Edge of the Product (how is it different from others): The approach I'm taking is not just to teach them how to surf but to educate the guests regarding the culture of Hawaii as well as this is very important to me. That way, tourists and guests wouldn't miss out on what they should see and experience in visiting the beautiful island.

Planned Investment, a hobby or ultimate dream? It had been an ultimate dream for over 7 years.

Training: Not everybody can surf. I have studied in a good surfing school in Hawaii and joined several Surfing Competitions after that. Overall, I did 30 years of training and competing.

What encouraged you to take the first step? "First step was to put God in the lead of my business. And I gotta keep telling myself to JUST DO IT. Thank God for a video in youtube. I don't know his name but it was the lead star of the first transformers and he just kept on shouting in this video, 'JUST DO IT!' Now I try to put off negative vibes that the DEVIL tries to put before me.", says Hoku

Contact Details:

For booking a session,


or call him at,

Maui Tel: 808-205-4286
Hong Kong Tel: 852-9840-3069

Is this your first business? Yes

Further plans (expansion): Right now, the business is yet to be officially up. Contact Hoku to book surfing lessons in 2 or 3 months. "I am waiting for my boards to be made which usually takes 15-30 days to make and 20-30 days on the boat for shipping.", he adds.

He is also interested in putting up a school here in Hong Kong because he loves this city.

Little trivia about the business: As the business is situated in Maui, here are some of the fun facts that Hoku may share about the place for you to further be in love:

1. HAWAII became the 50th US state declared on August 21, 1959.
2. The highest peak on Maui is Haleakala Volcano 10,023 feet, 21 miles across and 4,000 feet deep. Large enough to hold the island of Manhattan.
3. Maui has 81 accessible beaches, 16 golf courses, 10 state parks and 1 national park.

These are who I have gathered so far. It's interesting how they have turned their obsession, passion, hobby and talent into a commodity available for others to learn from, adapt and share. As a reminder, selling is not wrong. Moreover, selling personal service defy nothing. FEAR is the only thing that can defy everything that you have worked for. And SELF-DOUBT feeds it.

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