Saturday, September 05, 2015


"Take a spin and share your experience
in the British Council Hong Kong Facebook page
for a chance to win a spun chair!"

Last Saturday a simple coffee meeting had led me to experiencing the spun chair displayed at the Pacific Place in Admiralty Hong Kong, ground floor where a number of these creations are displayed for anybody to try. With the support of the British Council Hong Kong, Heatherwick Studio would like to hear some feedback via their facebook page.

I find the chair unique and very inviting to try. I didn't actually care how I'd look as an old woman took this video of me because I wouldn't let this chance pass. Unique as it is, the comfort expected of a simple chair gave it a twist. It spins you around so it's a given, that you would need some effort to keep it still. With respect to the creative team, I have never had fun thinking of a chair as much as when I think of this moment with a spun chair.

Do the New British Investors a favor, check it out if you're around the area. It's for free. This trial will last until September 24th. Mall hours are from 10am to 9pm.

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