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Believe it or not, your couch has a potential of giving you the most awesome time during the holidays. Besides the usual hot chocolate shared with unending guests coming over, your body somehow shouts for a "me" time that could relax on a movie or two. But of course, we don't want to take away the feeling of Christmas so let's get into a winter journey with this list of my personal favourites:


Tim Burton truly is weird with all of his directions but that's what made this movie tick. Probably because he did create the story and produced the idea but it was actually passed to a trusted colleague, Henry Salick, for the entire direction. Tim Burton was busy back then with Batman Returns, hence, he had to let it go.

It truly is one-of-a-kind of animation that one minute of the movie had to be shot for a week. The set are made up of miniature mock ups and Disney had to fight for Jack Skellington to have eyes. The contrast between the joy CHRISTMAS brings versus the fear that Halloween surfaces were an interesting combination. If you haven't watched this movie, it is worth your time so do see it.


One of them classics that is truly enjoyable for the whole family. Though I'm still bothered of how Macaulay had turned out now, he was still so cute back then.


In 2001, this word didn't have that much impact even though it denotes highly of how chances and fate could stir it up for you. Now, it had given fame to restaurants located in New York and Las Vegas (I had to eat in there). So the movie is about John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale met at Bloomingdale's to start off picking up a Christmas gift. Of course I won't spoil the whole story for you but what I'm trying to get at is, a gift, no matter how small or big has a purpose. Give it wholeheartedly, give it fully. You don't have an idea what comes back to you just for the universe to reciprocate that gesture.

Here's one of the many songs the movie had made popular.


It's not entirely about Christmas but the breaking point was during the holidays. A FEDEX Executive had been assigned to deliver in Malaysia during a storm. His plane crashes over the Pacific Ocean and was washed ashore a deserted island. A desperate attempt to get united with his loved ones made this movie a memorable one.

A message to all, time is important.

Tell that person you love her, grab that opportunity, help when you can. Never hold back because you don't know that it could be the last chance you may have.

Watch how Tom Hanks had shrunk from being huge at the beginning. He didn't have much to say in the entire film but he had lost 55lbs with a strict diet and a regular exercise regime in 4 months to resume shooting as he impersonates the real castaway. This film was based on a true story.


This is such a cool story in terms of the character's jobs, their houses and it is a star-studded film. Each and everyone of us longs for a good holiday and believe me, you deserve it. So check out how these two, a workaholic and a hopeless romantic, had switched lives to plan theirs.


I never get tired of watching this movie. Besides the fact that Nicolas Cage is a natural, this movie sends out a very meaningful question, "What If?" See how the very rich Jack Campbell had a glimpse of the real gems in life.


This story is about 6 ordinary couples that mirror ordinary lives where we are most likely in. Amazingly, when I watched this, it made me aware of how we unexpectedly affect somebody. And what's more intimidating to know is that how "greatly" we affect them. We touch lives of people unexpectedly but sometimes, we create such huge ripple, we actually makes a change happen. And may I remind you that one of the strongest forces is love. You're lucky to be able to give it and to receive it.

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