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According to a Cosmopolitan Philipines' advertorial back in May 2012, Asian hair is different from Western hair. So, here are pointers to help create your new look, the fun and fearless way.

1. Stand out. Don't stick out.

There's nothing worse than hair colour that makes you look like trying too hard. Asians generally look better in shades of red, brown or black. Dark eyebrows matched with platinum blonde is an unpardonable fashion crime.

2. Complement for compliments.

Reds, browns and blacks can set off Asian skin tone in various ways. Reds are perfect for fairer women. A more bronzed complexion matches well with brown shades. While the simple yet sophisticated blacks with a blue or brown sheen can be pulled off? by anybody.

3. Bring sexy black.

There's a reason why black never goes out of style. So don't be frustrated because you were born with black hair or if your work doesn't allow loud hair colours. Just choose a black-based hair colour with a coloured sheen such as blue or brown. This adds a natural and effortless touch that's always a surprise when light reflects on your hair.

4. Flaunt your style and personality.

Different hair colours can enhance different aspects of your character and even your personal style. Blacks can give a touch of elegance and sophistication. Browns can make you seem a bit more chichi and trendy. While reds are best for those who would like to look more fashion-forward.

5. Look to the stars.

If you're not sure about how a hair colour would look like on you, look for Asian celebrities who sport the same colour. Find a star who is close to your skin tone and see how she flaunts the shade you covet. Be realistic. Don't just be a "second-rate trying hard copycat." If the colour doesn't suit you, try another. The bonus is finding a celebrity with a similar complexion to yours is that you can use her colour choices as guide for your own transformations.

6. Be true to your hair.

Don't just choose any hair dye. Choose a hair colouring product that is made especially for Asian hair.  Unlike Western hair, Asian hair is usually darker and thicker - making resistant to dyes. A hair dye made for Asian hair would ensure that the pigments would penetrate each strand deeply for vibrant shades.

7. Color and care.

Choose a hair colour that is gentle to your hair. There are some formulations that may be too harsh for Asian hair causing it to be dry and brittle. This can cause the strands of your coloured hair to look like a wig. That's why it's best to have a hair dye that's also infused with vitamins to condition and nourish your hair.

8. Creamy is easy.

Our home application, a hair colour that comes in a rich non-drip cream format is best. This is easier to apply by yourself so you could ensure that the dye goes on your hair and not everywhere else. Cream formulations also ensure even application for better, more stunning results.

9. Make it a ritual.

The best thing about colouring your hair is the comforts of your own home is doing it with friends or even the man in your life who normally avoids going with you to the salon. This adds a fun touch to the process that you wouldn't normally enjoy if you just had done in the salon. Invite your friends over and make it a hair colouring date. Or better yet, make it you-and-me time with your guy.

10. Be armed and ready.

It only takes a few key tools to create your personal colouring  "salon" at home. Just invest  in a decent  mixing bowl for the hair pigment and developer, a fine-toothed comb for parting your hair, brush for applying the hair dye, and plastic gloves to protect your hands from stain. A premium hair dye would have most of these tools already inside the box.

11. Patch up.

Before applying the hair dye, test it first on the small patch of skin in your inner elbow. Do this to ensure that no irritation or allergic reaction will occur once you apply it on your hair.

12. Rules are made to be followed.

The key to doing your own hair colour is to really follow the instructions on the box of your hair dye. Don't experiment or adjust formulation just because you think you can.

13. Take your time.

Don't rush the process of colouring your own hair. Enjoy it like you would in a salon. Make sure that you part sections of your hair and apply hair colour with a brush properly. Coloring your hair part by part is the best way to ensure even coverage.

14. Make the cut.

Once you've achieved the hair colour that you want, visit a salon to get a hair cut that could bring out the beauty of your hair even more. With everything you've saved from doing your own hair colour, you won't feel guilty indulging in a haircut from a top stylist.

15. Do it with style.

This doesn't just refer to hair styling. It also means creating a complete look from head to toe that goes with the flow of your new locks. With the perfect choice of clothes, shoes and even accessories - your hair can be your ultimate crowning glory.

Be fun and fearless with your hair colour. Kolours Hair Dye had come up with a formulation especially made to penetrate and coast Asian hair for total coverage.

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