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It is truly rejuvenating to inhale other people's talent in when you are on a break. As a performing artist, I see to it that from time to time, I allow myself to be part of the audience. It gives me a refreshed approach on my usual routines and attacks.

While in Manila for an audition, I took the liberty of seeing one of the most sought after production from the humorous writer/producer, Emily Dorezas. While 50 Shades The Musical Parody is not authorised to be connected at all to the writer, E.L. James' novel, "50 Shades of Grey", in any way, it does give its audience an impact of how influential it had become in general. From its lines that is distinct to the book's storyline, to the indigenous reaction of every woman who reads it, was portrayed confidently.

I have been a long time fan of:
Loi Martinez, who played as Christian Grey
and I was in awe with how talented and skilled
Brennha Wahl is as she played Anastasia Steele.
(both were colleagues from the happiest place on Earth)
"50 Shades the Musical Parody" opens the show somehow from the reader's point of view. Three friends are keeping attuned to how far each of them have been reading the book. Society had become jittery once they had gotten hold of the mystery of the book when it first got released. Until everybody knows what it's about and then it became all of a sudden, embarrassing to be seen reading  it in public.

Some parts got magnified and everything was almost kept the same about the story, except that it was given a huge twist. Instead of a beautiful Grey as described in the book, the show had produced an opposing being: stout, no way sexy, exaggeratedly allergic to getting held and wears a disturbing wrestling unitard in going to the gym. LOL with that alone. While Anastasia was played to be ridiculously stupid and naively virgin, the combination of both humorous roles were superb. Supported by a talented cast, I felt like I was in the most high end comedy bar.

us former Whiplash dancers,
with my idol, Ms. Bituin Escalante
I am amazed with my colleague Kimberly Ann Mendoza who called the show that night. A shoutout to her, as a budding stage manager for allowing us to indulge in this show taking photos with almost everybody. I was able to keep in touch with a long time idol, Miss Bituin Escalante whom I have looked up to since I was in grade school. A versatile singer, performer and theatre actress. It was such an honour to have shared a stage with her once when I was still with Whiplash during my younger years.

On top of that, these performers were definitely aimed to please the audience with its funny and catchy lines, sans the lyrics of the song, "I have a hole inside of me." Yet they were true to their talent. Their belting skills raised me some goosebumps and Isaac Saleh's chaine turns left me in awe as it all looks serious yet funny. The irony is just but crisp as the script.

Overall, I recommend that you watch it for its last night, Mar. 20 at the RCBC Theatre in Makati. Except if you find obscene sense of humor quite not your thing, a good laugh may serve you well. It was everything that I got from this 2 hour production. And it was worth going home to Manila for it!

Congratulations to the cast of 50 Shades The Musical Parody
together with a budding stage manager, Kimberly Ann Mendoza.
Special shoutout to colleagues, Loi Martinez, Brenna Wahl, Isaac Saleh and Miss Bituin Escalante,
"Good job and keep it up!"

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