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I was not wrong in giving in to this book as it truly lives its purpose of being the bible of beauty secrets and tips. The title itself is truly catchy. I mean, who doesn't want to look expensive? It "basically" pinpoints most girls' aim when it comes to dressing up. I practically followed the most essential for me. 

My hair is my crowning glory. At the time I got hold of this book, I was dying for a makeover. And I got complimented on because of the change with my mane alone just by following Andrea Pomerantz Lustig's advice to keep the colours a shade or two different from your own and nothing more. This book does wonders.

The female species crosses bridges just to get the right look and often times, they are led to a sabotage just to be milked of their money. This book actually gives you techniques to be able to know and demand to serviced boutiques, salons and spas of what you need for the "better" you. It is also a huge mirror letting the reader understand that what you may want is not necessarily what is right for you. Instead of wasting a fortune in something that will make the people mistake you for another person (because of so much surgery you've done to enhance your look), being learned of what will make you look fresh and different without any invasive procedure is still the better option. The good thing is, this book doesn't limit you to just following every step. It encourages you to DIY too since that's the cheapest and most convenient way of innovating your look.

The book is worth to read from cover to cover but the tips are simply revolving around these main points:

"1. Less is always more. Cheap is often too much of a good thing. Simple looks classic; flashy looks trashy.

Emma Watson wears this cliche on her belt as her strength.
She's the best example of this mantra.
That make up, that confidence and that simplicity
plus the real her.
Who else can "actually" do that?
2. Build an edited beauty collection. By choosing the right products, you'll need less... and spend less.

3. Knowledge is priceless. If you know what you want and how to get it, you can DIY. If you're an informed client, you'll get your money's worth at the salon, makeup counter, dermatologist, or nail spa.

4. Price point isn't as important as good taste. All the money in the world can't buy taste, but once you develop good taste, you can find it for any price.

5. Maintenance is everything. Remember that a cheap manicure is a good manicure that's been on too long.

6. Expensive-looking hair and makeup doesn't advertise itself. It's understated, refined, tasteful, not blingy. It makes you look like the best version of yourself, not like somebody else.

This book is heaven sent regarding the best products.
It features products that are a lot cheaper than the original
one, yet has the same effect.
It's magic!
7. Buying new beauty products is a lot cheaper than buying new clothes - and you'll get more wear out of them. A new lipstick, eyeliner, or especially nail polish is a way to accessorise your existing wardrobe and feel fresh and stylish without stepping into a fitting room.

8. The key to a look that reads high net worth is to enhance what you've got without worrying trying to become someone else
"You only better" is the goal of each and every tip and technique you'll read about in this book."

- Andrea Pomerantz Lustig

While the book encourages changes here and there, may I add 2 more points in her first 8 mentioned above.

9. Get a decent amount of exercise. This makes your body regenerate in its most natural way. It helps your body overall to stay rejuvenated. When you exercise, your lungs are put to its maximum use, your body gets filled with endorphins (happy hormones) and your cells get to multiply efficiently to change the dead ones, revealing a newer, fresher you.

10. Get enough sleep. What you may have to do to your body to achieve a certain look, needs a certain amount of exertion. In return, be kind to it by listening to its demand for rest. The number of hours of sleep vary from person to person so allow self awareness to kick in. Take your time in learning your own body. Master how to say yes to optimum health and no to unnecessary engagements.

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