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In the Philippines, Summer season starts during the month of April and it completes as the month of May ends. That means thousands of graduates are expected to either pursue higher learning or employment around this time. Since I left the academe, I became solely focused on entertainment addressing my shift of career. I constantly keep abreast with this kind of moments though and I would like to inspire you of what my godfather's daughter had spoken about in her valedictorian speech that I believe may help us in so many ways.

It goes:

"These past years, I have applied some basic math principles to survive. If there's one thing I learned in Math, it is that every problem has a solution.

I added the positives. I am forever grateful for my God-given talents and continually worked on improving them. I could always count on the support of my family and friends and the patience and dedication of my dear teachers.

I subtracted the negatives. When you subtract a negative number, it becomes positive. I tried to take criticisms constructively. I worked on overcoming my flaws and weaknesses. I considered problems as challenges to be solved. I looked at my detractors as irrational numbers and simply accepted the fact that they are non-terminating or never ending.

I multiplied. I multiplied my efforts and tried to be more productive. I multiplied the love I gave and friendships I offered and received much greater products.

When I am overwhelmed with so much to do, I divided. I divided huge tasks into smaller and simpler tasks and conquered. I managed my time wisely.

I started with Math and would like to end with what we just learned in Science - Newton's Laws of Motion.

The first law, the Law of Inertia, says an object in motion stays in motion. Today, we achieved our goals and dreams but we should never rest on our laurels. Let us continuously enhance our skills and apply what we have learned to our lives.

The 3rd law, the law of Interaction, states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. You reap what you sow. The harder we work, the more fruits our labor will bear.

Saving the best for last again, I go back to the 2nd law. The Law of Acceleration tells us that the greater the force and the lesser the mass, the faster the accelerations. Let us thank the focus behind our acceleration, our progress and success - our parents, our teachers, school administrators and staff, and friends. Cliche as it may sound, I would not be here delivering this speech if it were not for the unconditional love and support my parents gave me. I would also like to thank my brother Renzo who teases me often to challenge me and toughen me. Lastly, I will be forever thankful for all the blessing of the highest, greatest and most powerful Divine force - God. On the other hand, let us leave behind all the mass or weight that pulls us down so we can accelerate and soar higher. As our graduation song says, let us all "reach for the sky".

Thank you and congratulations to all of us!"

- Patricia Tan

Reading this had inspired me in more ways than one. And it's good to be reminded of the lessons I've learned before in the classroom that I may have just brushed off the moment I had gone to the next year of learning. Patricia has a special way of looking at things. She is gifted to associate some scientific laws to everyday life. And I got to meet her intact with sweetness and innocence that instantly makes her smile gleam in a crowd. I don't have doubts that she'll be imparting this to young kids in the future being in the academe as well. She is a ball of energy full of potential and influence. I, myself, got influenced.

Patricia and her mom, Ninang Joy when they visited me in the
happiest place on earth.
She graduated from Chiang Kai Shek College.
She received the honours from both English
and Chinese Graduation.

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