Monday, August 29, 2016


From time to time, I get a privilege to interview inspirational people to feature here in my site. Alongside the intention of sharing how phenomenal human race could be, I also aim to envelope these inspirational stories with my love for life. Hence, "Why I Value Life" had been more than a blog site for me.

For the first time, here in, I have invited Phil to feature PhilDMusic to tell us something about his first music video entitled "Colors". As I get to know this person, I am moved to bits of how I slowly see the kind of committed creativity he puts in making this happen. Here is the 3 part video documenting his love for life, his respect for the craft and passion for making a difference.

I will be fully indebted to all of you if you'd leave a comment or two. I hope you enjoyed watching this and again, all of these were made and done to inspire...

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Credits to my videographer: Joel Garcia for the copyrighted video.


These videos should not be in anyway copied or reposted without the permission of the writer, the artist and the videographer. It may be shared only in the name of inspiration and not to be used for personal gain.


Unknown said...

I think it's lovely, I love the setting and that's it's Probably Home for you right...Humble beginnings, very inspirational especially for the younger generation..and The entertainment world we live in, very relatable..
Love the Song

Kyte said...

Thank you for your comment Ms. La Dawn!!!