Monday, October 10, 2016


Hey beautiful mamas out there!!! Halloween fright nights are here and is it just me, but gone are the days that you are thinking of what to wear but it turned more into a question for your kid that goes: "What will you be?"

Well this season is not just for the meaningless dress up and role playing but here is also a good opportunity to teach the little ones how characters turned into villains. Have a cuddle time with your kid or have them invite their friends over for a movie night as you give them a different spooky experience thru this fun scary movies and halloween treats after.


Loaded with fun characters and awesome songs, this is a hit to introduce to your kids to give a lighter label to Dracula, Frankenstein and Big Foot. The story revolves around a female teenaged vampire in search of a new adventure apart from being a nightly creature. She meets a mortal that gives the whole Transylvannians a scream and a scare ironically for having their norms defied as soon as the mortal decides to stay. As the movie goes, you would realise that Dad's voice is familiarly Adam Sandler's and Mavis, the vampire daughter to be Selena Gomez's.


This may be too much for the young ones so do stay with them for the entire duration of the movie. But as far as animation goes, it teaches youngsters not to take their parents for granted as far as giving advice is concerned. Obedience, respect and an outpouring lesson about trespassing can be learned from this movie. It could teach them courage and bravery on top of a realisation that we should never let our fears rule over us and why telling a lie is wrong.


Not only kids enjoy this one but the adults as well as it gives understanding of how Maleficent really is in the beginning. She has kindness, true love and gentleness that was unexpected of her this entire time and that's what made this movie beyond interesting. Get to know the real her as you enjoy the popcorn and the couch.


With the same misconception, the angry birds aren't naturally angry. They had a reason. This movie is funny from the beginning 'til the end. So many viewers even treat this as a tear jerker for its touching ending yet the good thing remains, how they turned out to be villainous with their anger. Protective instinct, camaraderie and pureness of intentions can be highlighted in a young one's mind thru this box office movie.


So many think Jack Skellington is a villain. The movie shows that you tend to be seen as such when you are in a different world. But that's not the case. All of us are special in our own unique ways. We maybe misunderstood in the beginning but awareness is the key into knowing who we truly are to accept our gifts and individuality.

Tim Burton and his spectacular creativity, direction and ideas had made this movie possible. That being said, ignite the kids' intellect by making them realise their own special abilities and gifts. Encourage them after the movie to stay unique and to embrace what makes them different.


This is an oldie right here but it still is the cutest movie. The first time I saw this, I wanted to have a scientific laboratory of my own and a big house full of fun rooms. This is a story about a dad moving into a haunted house with his daughter. They didn't know this at first so they got scared initially but in the end, they became friends with them. Know how that happened by sitting in with the 7 year olds and up!


This is a movie about a little girl who never got satisfied with what she had. She defied all her parents advice and had become a rebel without cause. Until she wandered into a world where she thought she'd be happy in but is actually the opposite of what she has at the present. As she finds out that she misses her real parents, real room and real life, does she still have time to recover it still or will she be trapped forever in the creepy world she had invented in her mind. Find out with your young gang how Coraline survives the challenge.

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