Sunday, November 20, 2016


I have always encouraged my readers, most specifically moms out there like me to embrace their lives by building or finding a community of life lovers. Today, I was able to practice yoga under Ms. Elise Hamilton in front of the Lido Beach . I will touch how yoga helps holistically in another post but today, I'd like to focus on a basic reminder that crossed my mind  seeing this photo that was taken of us dedicating an hour of practice early this morning. I forget it most of the time so today, I am thankful that it never fails to be recognised.

It's this:

"Sometimes, you need to challenge the usual to be able to see beauty from another angle. Today, as I was asked to go into this position and while looking at the palm of my hand, my vision focused on the hand goes blurred and a beautiful scenery of the bridge from below landscaped by the clear blue sky, the trees and vaguely forming clouds were concomitantly revealed. I had to sit on a split, bend towards my right fully  with right elbow on the floor and an extended left hand up with the left shoulder rotated outward. If I had shown resistance to this, I would have never seen such a beautiful picture.

So much so, if we apply this mind setting in real life, stimuli, circumstances, change, growth... if we resist on the process to leads to any of these, we might miss out what lesson, truth and beauty we had to see.

I bet so many people who have lived here in Hong Kong specifically around the area, have not been able to see it this way because they are so into looking from a man's point of view, the ordinary eye level glancing."

Today's weather was the best for a good lengthy practice. Just a little bit windy but it made us more aware of how deep breathing could ease us from attaining and holding one position to another. Not to mention, the energy and vibe each exudes are supportive and fun. Just how I wanted to start my week.


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