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Blogging had been my hobby since 2006. As how performers are naturally extroverts, I balance myself through writing. I dance for 30 minutes in the parade, day and night (a total of 1 hour) so when I write, it's like time for myself. In between parades, I write; when I get inspired, I write; when I experience something new, I write; and this I confess, I am guilty of cheating on my husband with writing. When I can't sleep, I climb down the bed to write. Most of the time, this happens during the unholy hours of between 3am to 5am. Probably the stillness of these hours contribute to the creative side of my brain. And when this occurs, I take advantage of the drive. But there's always a time that I would run out of ideas. Whenever that happens, I feed myself with ideas by reading books, going for a run or, spending time watching reruns. This line of films, specifically, remind me of why I wanted to be a writer. For you guys who are seeking inspiration to make it thru the writer's block, I hope these movies could benefit you as much as it did me.


As a woman, there are avenues that I may just treat superficially interesting but are somehow necessary for everyday thriving.  Let me see, there's the lipstick, the heels, and the little black dress.

Sex is a basic need according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Indeed, there's a lot to learn about people's expectations around it. This movie wraps up the series of 6 seasons that talked about sex without filter, at least as how Carrie Bradshaw (the fictional journalist played by Jessica Parker) and three of her best friends' opinions go. These four are portray of the typical group of ladies where catching up is of essence. They exchange gossips, views and experiences; stories about their careers and relationships then, they encourage themselves to remain elegant despite any situation, good or bad. And that is of the utmost inspiration that gets me. The writing style used in here was blunt, informative, entertaining, and hilarious. Just like in the series, there's no part in the movie that was dragging nor boring. Like come on! Who wouldn't want to have her lifestyle and influence to begin with?

The lessons and consequences that result from each of their decisions gave color to this movie. Let's admit it, women have a lot of drama, period! But we know how to channel it out. I think this is my cue to quote, "...after all, shopping is therapy!" And oh yes, friends count too. It's important that you're surrounded with allies. People that will push you up and not hold you down.

This movie encourages me to embrace the real Kyte without owing anybody explanation. It reminds me to love myself above all else. How is this necessary? Publishing posts out in the public eye is making yourself available for criticism. There will come a time that your post will be insulted and if you're not in sync with your mind set, you might take it too personal. This thought becomes my springboard into getting pumped up with writing. The truth? I let it play in the background when I'm alone at home, not necessarily watching it 100% but the dialogue had helped me to include interesting lines in my own writing. Just try it.


This movie brought out the foodie in me. Julie "blogs" about cooking all 524 recipes of Julia Child's 726 page Mastering the Art of French Cooking Cookbook in the movie. I thought I was insane with how I wanted to write every time but when I saw this movie, it made me realise that it's ok to go on with my blog; that I'm more sane than Julie because she aimed to finish cooking and writing about all these recipes in just 1 year. She ultimately finished doing so successfully. Because I learned that anything could be possible, my mini food business was born and I had put a segment in my blog with the hashtag, #wineanddinewednesday.

It's amazing to know that Julie is one of the first blog-to-book achievers by simply focusing on one niche. Julie works as a receiver of calls from September 11 attack victims which had burnt her out that she had to look for something to take her mind off of it that's why she decided to start a blog.

I'm still sticking with a wide niche writing about lifestyle but writing about food specifically is so enjoyable that I watch this movie to check out specific words that the food critics had used. And for the record, Meryl Streep is my most favourite actress. She alone inspires me deeply.


Just as when the kids of Woodrow Wilson High School had almost given up on their future, a young enthusiastic teacher in the name of Erin Gruwell, comes with an unshakeable drive in doing her job, and then later on, making a change in their lives. After learning that these High School students fear losing their lives more than plunking high school, because of being in gangs, they were given something that they may have a chance to relate to, The Diary of Ann Franklin.

Co-teachers opposed on every intervention Gruwell had presented the kids but in the end, her efforts got recognised by the department chair and had a full permission to take the kids into field trips and full support in doing projects outside school. One of these projects involved all of her students journals to be put together to be a book to serve as their remembrance that they made progress. The students themselves got involved in the publishing process and this had become their channel into letting their background be understood.

Later on, they realized the importance of how each of their stories could inspire other people and whether it will be read or not, it's a reminder to them of surpassing a dark time of their lives knowing that they were there. And that they chose to make a difference.

I dream to get published someday to inspire other people and I will make it happen. This movie fed the dream in a very special way.


The greatest force in this world is love. It is greater than the human will, any form of hunger and every bit of hell just to break free. It can shake any ground, last as long as time and heal feuds of families that run for generations.

William Shakespeare, the most famous playwright, had written and shown this in theatres revealing his muse in creating "Romeo and Juliet", the greatest love story ever told. And in the movie, Shakespeare in Love, it gave out a message that despite all odds, love moves you into doing something risky but in the end beautiful.

A couple of reasons how this 7-Academy winner inspire me in writing. One, this is the first play written with a tragedy for an ending. William Shakespeare believed in making the audience tick. Even the queen herself who much preferred comedy took this leap from William as likeable. So this helps me in trusting what I write that as long as the intention to be true, somehow, somewhere, somebody would be benefiting from it. I just have to believe it. William Shakespeare wasn't rattled in disobeying the queen's wishes. He didn't care if he didn't abide. He remained himself and his work resulted to 3 beautiful things. He ended up being honoured by the queen, he gave women the chance to be recognised more than just being domesticated (because back then women didn't have the right, by law, to be on stage) and most of all, he became immortal thru his literary works.

Secondly, after watching this movie, I told myself I wanted to be a writer. But my family made me finish a different course. Remember, knowing what you want to do is already an achievement. To make long story short, it called me on the side to still pursue this passion secretly... on my own I suppose, by just simply writing when I can, however I can. Nobody knew I was writing so much until I started to self-publish thru my blog. On the day of this writing, I am 3 modules away from getting my diploma from British Council in Professional Freelance Journalism. Not quite of a Shakespearean course but I believe in what it holds for me. Moral of the story, once you know what you want to do, do it. Never waste a second not pursuing it. 


What if you could help out the oppressed through your writing? Do you think you have a story that needs to be told? If you think that the only way to put a stop on something that's happening horribly is by writing a book about it, would you do it? Well, a young aspiring journalist, Eugeena "Skeeter" Phelan did.

In the story, Skeeter had just graduated and had return home in Jackson Mississippi where almost all white families had black maids for help. She learns how these families mistreat them and asks for all the maids to cooperate in her project to expose such acts of racism. Aibileen, the helper closest to her and who she ultimately dedicates this work to, became emotionally attached to the project as it allows her to find closure with her son's death years before so she had decided to put a stand against unacceptable living arrangements and dispensable status.

This movie made me realise that you have to be ready for what you ask for. Skeeter wanted to be a writer and she had the opportunity to tell a story but not her own. Opportunity may come in different forms but I am humbled to be reminded that the intention of what you are writing are far greater than getting known for it. There are some stories that may come to you in a very dim light, something that may involve critical information, sensitive issues and personal stories: be careful when dealing with all of them. The Help taught me how to be mindful of these aspects and it keeps me grounded as a writer.


This movie, another one based on a true story, tells about 4 reporters, who aimed to abolish molestation of children by priests in Boston. Upon researching about the sensitive issue, they unexpectedly stumbled into information at a large scale. Apparently, the legislative body itself was protecting this scandal from going public. 

As a writer, this movie helps me to commit to all of what I publish. It served as my guideline in treating "research" importantly, how to apply principles in conducting interviews and how to exercise the extent of information I would want my readers to get. How to write in a sort of way that they will think for themselves, how to give out something but not totally so that they are learning from you and at the same time they are learning from their own reactions and emotions stirred by a concept, an idea or a story.


Writing is a form of art that had become a way for people to open up to the intangible universe. Emotions that are too extreme for public eye always finds a journal and for some people, this becomes a refuge. Surprisingly, doing so gives you a sense of relief, ease and satisfaction when you let go of everything thru writing. That being said, it is great therapy for some.... or at least for Nick Carraway, the narrator of the novel, "The Great Gatsby".

Disillusioned of the fictional lavish Eastern Egg lifestyle, he learns about his unimaginably rich neighbour, Jay Gatsby, to be in love with his cousin, Daisy Buchanan who's married to Tom, a former college friend. Tom has a mistress on the side and the plot revolves around these characters but the main help I get from this movie is that, Nick's therapist asks him to write down about the root of his frustration and anger, Jay Gatsby. As he did, he was able to let go of the event that led to another, revealing the painful truth that Jay just used him to get to Daisy. And sometimes, putting ourselves in Nick's shoes, it helps us in getting over something painful in our lives when we write down the real story. If you fear somebody will read it, you can always burn it.


The world is a big place. People may come from different cultures. People may belong in different boundaries. People's experiences may differ. Take note though that each of us are heroes of our own lives. Each thriving moment is an opportunity to unleash the unlimited power we have lingering deep within us, the human spirit. And no matter what challenge we are facing in our lives, the human spirit is the weapon we all have in common.

Memoirs of a Geisha is a story about finding love and fighting for it despite the limitation that comes with what is expected of a geisha. Beyond that, it's a historical narrative of how geishas are the highest form of Japanese art that most of the females that train for this start as early as 3-5 years old. It's not academic excellence they aim but being capable in playing the instruments and doing traditional dance. In today's modern English, the most fitting word that may describe a geisha would be "performing artist" or "artist" though there is no counterpart in the west for a geisha.

I love going over the book and the film each time because of the precise description of a geisha's training opening the reader to a visual world thru the weaved words of this book. Because it is based on true history, it is such a mystery how Japan practices this in the name of honour and arts. Usually, it's just an expertise on chivalry and being in the army that we could say honour may be earned and on the other hand, arts are more of a let-go product of laid back introverts who got inspired by just about anything. But in being a geisha, it's unfathomable but surreal that the two had been infused together.

This story being told in first person kind of gives me a feeling that every memory is fresh to the narrator as she revisits her journey of being a geisha. And having that thought in my mind encourages me to keep record of not only the good things in my life but to also keep record of the bad things because this is what human nature is all about. I also have this great fear of losing my memory that's why I write to my daughter about my life as a gift when she reaches 18 years old. As a form of legacy, I leave no secrets. Because honesty may help her learn a thing or two.


One of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen and one of the very rare books that was portrayed good in theatres, The Secret Window, starred by Johnny Depp was a story of a writer who had delusional episodes while he wrote about a novel as he copes up from a divorce. Altogether, writing had actually led him to doing something he never imagined he would be doing.

This movie is quite morbid but I had included this for my motivation because there are a lot of times that I am getting immersed too much on what I am working at that it almost becomes unhealthy. The characters you may be working on may alter your thought process leaving you with difficulties distinguishing fantasy from reality. I DON'T WANT TO BE LOST IN MY OWN STORY. Nor I don't want to lose my mind because of utter obsession. This movie encourages me to build a map or a plan for my story despite the fact that I'm a big time pantser. All writers are also warned of the consequence of plagiarism in this movie.


I believe in the beauty of consequence, serendipity, accidents and process whenever I write. Most of the time, researching on a certain topic leaves me in awe with the branches of learning that I get opened up to from just one thing to read about. This movie is an oldie but it talks a lot about things that we ignore when we are too engrossed in achieving our goal. We forget that taking a walk is important, talking to people may give us refreshing ideas and most of all, building relationships should be given time.

Monty Kessler lost his thesis to a homeless guy who demanded for Monty to do something for him in return such as providing food, allowing him to take a bath in his apartment, basically ending up staying in his house most of the time. He will only get one page at a time as Monty gets it done. Fast forward, the homeless guy imparts education to Monty that is not learned in school. He talks about life, how misfortune could creep in and how being alone is where you would never want to be.

This movie helps me understand that not everything is text book and my writing would be more effective if it has heart in it. Graduating as a nurse, I was trained to be precise, I understand that I'm dealing with life and I can't afford to make a mistake. It reflects in what I write. I am all structure and format but it lacks emotions and experience. In a writing workshop I've attended, we were asked to write about the first time we fell in love. When I was asked to read it out aloud, the mentor said, she didn't feel much heart from what I wrote. I watched this and related to Monty and got educated once again.


I included this movie for my inspiration line up to be reminded that I need to trust research papers, check out how medical studies were conducted and to develop the skill of forming a conclusion.

Awakenings is a story about a neurologist who longed to give a solution to catatonic conditions of psych patients in a local hospital in New York. Discovering the beneficial effects of L-Dopa to patients who survived encephalitis lethargica, those with Parkinson's Disease, and those who did not move at all for more than a decade, the fictionalised Dr. Malcolm Sayer wrote down progress after progress after progress until one day, his patients just went back to not moving at all. He was devastated but the awakenings that his patients have had during that year, immensely thought him how to let go of something he thought he had.

One of my dreams is to write a book that would talk about how humans learn in response to different kind of stimuli and not just through classroom setting alone. I believe people are complex that they shouldn't be expected to be taught in the same manner, same amount of time and in uniform balance. Each individual should learn at their own pace. Sad to say, today's educational system is becoming obsolete. Maybe my book can create awareness once it gets published. Awakenings inspires me not to hesitate in making this happen.


Another job that I would truly love to have is to work in a magazine. Because of that, my blog was patterned after it. I love inspiring women, particularly moms. I love being able to share something that I have experienced for the first time that other women may find applicable to their lives. And some of these posts are entitled the same way this movie is patterned to:

a "how-to".

Nowadays, it's more known as DIYs which I feature every Monday in here, Hence the hash tag #DIYMonday.

I love the unexpected turn of events for Andie Anderson writing in her how-to column about losing a guy in 10 days. When she was out with friends to start with the assignment, she lands on Benjamin Barry's project as well, convincing a client that he could win a lady's heart in 10 days. If he wins, the client decides on entrusting a multi-million dollar advertisement deal to him. The irony builds up the plot and Andie comes up with a touching story to write in her column mentioning about the nasty consequences that may arise when you play with people's emotions.

Andie Anderson learns in each process that she had worked on in writing the "how-to" column. And for the last article that she wrote, she realized and learned how to value herself as a writer by quitting her current job and going for news editor.


To those who haven't seen this movie, Marley and Me is a hilarious comedy drama that features John and Jenny Grogan who are guess what! Writers!

It started with their budding life. As marriage both brings out the best in them, the worse would have been under control until Marley steps in. This box office hit reminds me to write about funny stories too if I get a chance. Life is made up of serious yet silly moments that is worth having a record of because the little things actually count as the most memorable ones.

This movie also clearly shows the two kinds of a writer: a planner and a pantser. You may be both.

This Christmas, lay back and just take in what these movies have in store for you. Even if you're not a writer, this list surely will keep you entertained. Have a cup of cocoa, top it with marshmallows and get cozy under your warm winter quilt. Winter and research doesn't get better than this.

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