Sunday, November 17, 2013


 "If you, then, though you are evil,
know how to give good gifts to your children,
how much more will your Father in heaven
give good gifts to those who ask him!"

 - Matthew 7:11

This past week, I've been seeing a lot of people being active in helping out Tacloban from being hit by the 3-times-stronger-than-Katrina, typhoon Haiyan. Some sincerely, some, just because of wanting to be talked to in the famous social networks online. Whichever is the real purpose behind it, let's not forget that we can help in our own little ways. And the most meaningful of all are the events where you helped willingly.

I work with 5 people of whose families have been victims of the tragedy. The little Filipino community here opted to help the ones first whom we know personally since that's the only way we would know that our help would go directly to the right hands.

I would like to extend the invitation to those who live here in Hong Kong to check out the 2nd bazaar for a cause that is going to be held in Pa Mei, Tung Chung Village. You are welcome to donate anything (though you could check out this article for the suggested list of "10 Worst Things to Donate after a Disaster").

Since, it is hard to ship goods and clothing directly to the families of our colleagues, the bazaar will sell the collected donations all for HK$5. Once you drop your donations, you might see something that you'd want to purchase. So, please feel free to look around. Also, this 2nd Donation Drive happening on Wednesday, (Nov. 20, 2013)  is strictly for adults only. Details go as follows:

Fund Raising for "THE CAUSE" Grown Up Edition
November 20, 2013, Wednesday
4PM to 12:05am
@ Hanedy and Butch's Rooftop near Pa Mei carpark

Kids are DIScouraged to join

FOR SALE!!! All you see for ONLY $5 each.

This time, we would like to ask VODKA or RED WINE donations as well for this will be a night for the grown-ups.
$5 for each shot of VODKA
$5 each glass of RED WINE
100% of the proceeds will be given directly to Super Typhoon Yolanda Victims.

You guys can still bring donation for us to sell and please bring them to us
already SORTED for easy set-up.

Please Spread the word.
Thanks in advance for all your help."

The first bazaar earned roughly HK$2,500.00. That's just HK$500 each for the family of our own co-dancers here. But they are very appreciative of all the help that we extended. Four of them now are in the Philippines to evacuate their families to Manila and just stay there for the mean time. They have spent most of their lives in Tacloban and it surely is up to leap of faith how they will start anew. But taking it day by day is the only solution and this small amount would help them to start.

Another Haiyan drive that a Philippine professional photographer, (currently residing here in Hong Kong) Mark Bautista, had done, was a Photoshoot for a Cause. Collaborating with Sunshine Huang, Ela Lisondra and Elias Hendricks, they held a successful photoshoot last November 15 with HK$3500 fund raised.

There are still 2 batches to go. Batch 2 is scheduled on Nov. 22, 2013 (also in Pa Mei Village, Tung Chung, Hong Kong) and the 3rd one's details are yet to be announced still.

With these two donation drives, please feel free to leave your email addresses if you are interested to go to the first one or avail the 2nd one. We will send you personal messages regarding location, contact numbers and/or any details you need thru it. All of these are just easy steps into extending help to our fellow men.

All of us are given an opportunity to help people. It doesn't necessarily have to be too great to shout it out to the whole world. It could be in its simplest form such as, offering a seat in the bus, sharing your time to volunteer and helping an elder with the groceries. Before we go greatly into helping the world, start with those around us.

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mark said...

A shoutout to Mr. And Mrs. Lenoir who allowed me to use their humble abode for the first batch of photo shoot for a cause. Thank u kyte for promoting the event. With our little efforts combined maywe make a difference. Cheers, Mark