Saturday, January 03, 2015


Two days ago, my friend, Ruth, wrote about an acquaintance who passed away at a very young age. It struck her to be deeply thankful of life than she had ever been since then. To quote:

"2014 is the year when I fully understood the phrase "Life's too short." It can be too short for some of us.", she said and I couldn't agree more.

Dying is inevitable. And I'll say it again as she emphasised further, "I can die anytime this year or the next. I can die anytime. It's not that I want to. It's just that it can happen unexpectedly, without warning." I'm not sure how but I'm sure that it's going to happen within the 21st century. In fact, 99.9% of us all may die within this century. Needless to say, dying doesn't exempt anybody.

Round round with Brave
Our friend, Round Round, from Taiwan had visited us to spend Christmas this year to be able to meet my daughter. Sending him off in the airport had brought tears to my eyes with these thoughts in my mind.  I was touched by his gesture of flying miles away from home just to spend time with us. Because in this life, "time" is the best gift anybody could offer. "Our" time is something that each of us own that is so precious as it would never come back again. So, as you give it away, it's giving away something that you can never have back. And he chose to spend it with us.

You see, I was thinking that I'm not sure when I would be able to see him again. I've seen people come and go but this year, being a mom had humbled me in so many ways that simple goodbyes become crystal clear. That there's no guarantee when could the last one be. I've always hated goodbyes but saying so is much better than a farewell not bid to the rightful. Like Ruth, I've also known of life taken away so abruptly, both from young and old, that there were goodbyes that were never said. As the movie, "Life of Pi" focused on showing, "it is the most painful goodbye of all".

Pushing aside all the need to fulfill resolutions and bucket lists, I would want to say, I am beyond thankful that I had grasped the real meaning behind the phrase, "Life's too short" myself. So, I would give time to my daughter more than anything else. I would always encourage people to see the world as how Ruth would be advising her younger cousins, nephews and nieces to travel whenever an opportunity allows them. I loved how she had a shout out on not wasting a minute, not even a second, on people who pretend to be her friends because there's no better way I could've said that. That's exactly what I wanted and needed to do. And the real ones who had been there no matter what would be shown and shared the best of me.
In addition, I would never be sorry for being who I am and loving what I do. I am a performer, a mother and still working. And I am to honour my marriage, my life and my family each time.

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