Saturday, April 30, 2011


Besides playing the guitar, this is one of the newest things about me.

I am so thankful for Jane Logan for handing us her oven.

Everything in our house here in Hong Kong had been almost a handover.

But it's all good.

A good friend of mine, Malyn Punay had recently shared to me that

BAKING helps her escape the stressful world.

"A good therapy!", that's how she described it. And I've proven it true.

It's nice to bake for loved ones and friends. It always puts a smile on their faces.

Recently, I've done Banana Muffins and Chocolate Cupcakes.

My boyfriend always loves matching them with coffee in the evening

a couple of hours after dinner. Makes me feel good to see them

appreciate this very simple expression of dedication.

Do try it some time...

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