Saturday, April 30, 2011

My second trip to Taiwan...
Ahh..... one of the things that I am happy about myself.
For 4 years, we've been here in Hong Kong, I asked myself what could be a
good present for Hogan on his birthday...

Most of the time, because of the stressful demands of being employed

away from your family and what's familiar, we feel burnt out

of doing what you used to call your PASSION. That something that you were

bragging to your friends about that you could do forever even if when you're asleep...

Believe me, you will get to a point that you will need a breather


And so, I thought of bringing Hogan to Taiwan.

It's not his home (SAMOA)... but his sister now migrates there and

so, I thought of having him celebrate it with a family memeber at least.

Plus the fact that we were about to see Xiang Ning, his niece

made the trip exciting.

I really told myself that this trip should be all about him.

My holy weekend was spent getting in touch with Hogan's

extended family. Him being half Chinese flourished more with Kuki's

marriage to Jeff. Giving birth to pretty Xiang Ning, seeing them altogether
made me appreciate cultural diversity even more.

I loved spending time with them, in their home and with

new friends that I've gained. They've always made me feel

WELCOME even during my first visit.

The only thing that I intended to gain was lots of REST of course,

PICTURES and the stinky tofu experience.
During my last visit, I couldn't bear smelling this Taiwanese

delicacy. But a lot of my Chinese friends said that it's like you haven't

gone to Taiwan after all if you didn't taste this.

And so, I asked Kuki to help me out. It was alright!

It tasted quite like how barbecued internal organs would...

Hogan asked me if he would be able to take it... I said no.

I suggest don't try it if you are not used to authentic Asian delicacy. LOL!!!

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