Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My feel good day that I knew I couldn't let go of. Wendell came for a visit and I am so glad I got hold of another good moment with him in this cafe. It was 3 years ago I believe when he brought me here. All organic... and for some reason, even the conversations I've had with friends coming over here is pretty much at the same level. Simple, organic and free....

The day was spent doing some reminiscing, updating and rediscovering once again LIVES that have moved on, and CHOICES that were kept. I was so glad to have WENDELLIRIUM experience once again. Photoshoots atop IFC Mall, a visit to the second-hand library and ZARA experience. That day, I purchased my denim wedges that I know I am not going to regret getting to match my Spring wardrobe. Hehehe!!!! I love it! If you're in Hong Kong, do visit this wonderful cafe. Make it your choice. You won't regret doing so. Besides the one situated in SOHO, another branch is NOW located in 50C Johnson Road, Wanchai (across from OVO on Ship St. - click on the title to connect to its website!)

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