Sunday, May 22, 2011

LAMMA ISLAND is a very well known place for a gourmet of seafoods here in Hong Kong. This year was my first time to experience it.

The trails going to where the main event was not unfamiliar to me as it looked like trekking some areas in the province of Romblon, where my Dad came from. It's well known for holding a large supply of marble.

According to "The "Standard" Newspaper, which I often get first thing in the morning before going to work, Lamma Island holds one of the most expensive array of highlands. Usually sought by foreigners for their idea of putting up a rest house for spending holidays, the confident Lamma Island had pushed it to the edge as they hosted Dragon Boat Race Event this year. Lots of fun to the participants and of course to those who had gained victory that day. Kudos to the rowers of TEAM MUSHU and to their cheerleading team (to us) for a job well done.

To further ignite the excitement, my good friend Fern and I decided to buy a bottle of red wine for HK$60 only. And check this out, we didn't know at first that you get one for free for the price of one. Woohoow! Yes, you can see deals like this around the island. We saw some good locations for instant photoshoots too. Ha! It was really a good day.

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