Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let me talk about being a part of one big audience....FOR A CHANGE


I never imagined that this concert of Australian devotees
to Christianity could come up with a pumped up jam similar to that of
an ordinary rockband... What made theirs extraordinary was
that all of their ENERGY were used to PRAISE the LORD.

I don't want to look at it at the notion that it's one way of
Christian believers to gain money.
I still am admiring them for what they did.
Touching lives of people by letting them know there's one way to
BELONG even though you talked about the Lord.

If the estimated number of people who believe in God would be let's say,
5 out of 10, because these 5 would rather talk about the Lord most often
than talking about gossips, branded worldly things and
latest showbiz buzz, the other 5 may mock them of
what they believe in. The other latter 5 are expected that they would
stay away as they could be plainly disagreeable of Jesus,
or simply with the idea of having something to believe in.
This is actually just based on subjective observation.
Surprisingly, even though the 5 people are considered as
God-believers, only two of them maybe considering
Jesus' way of living as their own.
And the HILLSONG are just the best example of that.

So many rock bands, rising stars and icons are so famous
but only them are the ones who used fame to honor the name of the Lord.
Natural high! I must say....
The way they wrote their song were very soulful.
Speaks to the heart directly. I loved it.


I must admit, I didn't expect Adam Levine and the rest of the
group would be giving me more than my money's worth last night.
I'd say, Adam's voice was phenomenal. The drummer was in sync,
the men on keyboards were just amazing. And so were the guitarists...
It had really made me look at the group in a more special way.

Needless to say, Adam Levine was hot. I was impressed with how
modulated his voice was despite the excitement with the audience.
He sounded perfect, just like how he sounds in the original songs as you sing it via IPOD,
cd, or what not. Lighting was pretty cool too, no technical difficulties what so ever.
They played an hour and forty-five... Not bad!

Though I got stuck in the Asia-Express MTR and dealt with a lot
of ill-tempered foreigners, it was great that it wasn't in Macau or something
where it's really so hard for me to come home from.

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