Thursday, September 19, 2013

Autumn Breeze

Here comes my favorite season. It is known as the third season of the year that marks REGENERATION, BALANCE, and COMFORT; the season when EQUINOX happens and the season that marks the most celebrated part of living... HARVEST.

The season of AUTUMN is here, which according to the traditional East Asian solar term, starts on or around the 8th of August and ends on about the 7th of November. (But in AUSTRALIA, Autumn officially

begins on March 1 and ends on 31st of May due to differences of the axis settlement of Earth.)

This year in Hong Kong, the Mid-Autumn Festival, was celebrated on a Wednesday where sky watchers could get a glimpse of the "Harvest Moon" (any moon that looks bigger than the normal moon) until Thursday morning. To highlight this event, full moon gathetings and lantern festivals are scheduled to highlight the sky as the bright moon is celebrated. The "harvest moon" isn't necessarily bigger or brighter than a regular moon but because of the phenomenon called, "moon illusion"(whose cause is still yet to be discovered), the moon appears to be bigger near the horizon than when it hangs high in the sky; INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES shared this video from YOUTUBE.COM.

Also, the article shares that the September Equinox - and 1st day of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the southern, will fall on Sunday at 4:44pm, EDT. At that moment, the sun will appear to cross the equator, going from north to south. Earth will be positioned such that its axis is perfectly perpendicular to the plane of its orbit, meaning that the sun's rays are hitting the daylight side on the planet dead-on, bathing the Northern and Southern Hemispheres in equal amounts of light and creating days and nights of near equal length. "EQUINOX" is Latin for "equal night" after all. But in reality, the date with equal day and night lengths comes a few days before the equinox plus day length varies depending on how close you are located to the equator. In New York City, for instance, equal day and night lengths actually will occur on September 25, of this year.

Autumn is the season which is also known as "Fall", originally denoting the season of the "Falling Leaf" or "Fall-of-the-Leaf". From the sunny, dry Summer season, trees naturally gets dried up as
well, hence, the dramatic colors. Personally, it is such a good sight because of the vibrant orange, joyful yellow, bright red and different shades of brown, altogether. It  channels out a vibe of a LIFE ENDING beautifully. As we all know, DEATH is inevitable. It'll come to each and everyone of us, to every living thing for that matter. We all come back to where we came from, the GROUND, being dust and serving the next ones who'll proliferate and generate from it. Keeping everything balanced out. The questions is, WHAT LEGACY ARE YOU GOING TO LEAVE BEHIND? HAVE YOU FULFILLED YOUR PURPOSE? IF SO, HOW?

These questions always strike me during Fall because this season's energy kind of makes me feel relaxed, mindful and at peace. Compared to the draining days of Summer and in anticipating the cold days of Winter, Autumn gives you a breather and allows you to get ready for yet again, a number of challenges. It allows you to reassess your life, your views and your goals. They say it is a reader's favorite season because it offers breezy days in the park - a metaphor for having a time for yourself, a time to energize your soul of things you love doing.

Being the season of harvest too, it gives you that sense of renewal, an end to what you had worked hard for and paves a way to start anew. Hence the celebration of Thanksgiving to hail the American Indians' humility of sharing what they have to the people trying to claim their land.

Besides this occasion, we look forward to welcoming the season by dressing up with layers. That part we love to do.

And since the warm days are compensated with cool nights, it's good to curl with your loved ones this Fall over a movie with cocoa at hand. Single? Gather up with friends over a scrumptious dinner and indulge on wine. Serve it by your porch or by the terrace for a chillax ambiance.

Last but not the least, make the most out of the season of Autumn by redecorating your house. Play with its hues. Rediscover your creativity. Dressing up in Halloween is another fun way.

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