Monday, September 23, 2013


When I was in secondary school (high school),
I had a collection of stationeries, stickers,
journals and I loved making scrapbooks.

Papemelroti is one-of-a-kind shop
that had provided me most of what I had used then.
Their designs were fun introducing
Pinoy style of humor and Godly reminders.
I have always been a fan of papemelroti
and watching this feature presentation
had made me even love it more.

The documentary is in Tagalog.
But basically, it is about a family hobby becoming
their own business. Everything that they
make are all made up of recycled materials.
Their mission is to work for the Lord
and their intentions focus on giving out
a Godly message making us remember
little things that we were taught when we
were young but have forgotten it
already because of what this busy and
materialistic world had molded us to be.

The whole family, being into crafts are encouraged
to express their own artistry and creativity
in their own unique ways at all times.
They never perceived creating and
designing as work but rather, an opportunity
to bond more with family and
to serve the Lord however it pleases Him.

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