Sunday, March 16, 2014

100 Happy Days

I was intrigued yesterday of what this is about and I researched on it the actual website. Upon reading how the challenge goes, I thought, 71% is just an awfully great number that accounts the people who couldn't be happy for 100 straight days. In my mind, "You're kidding me!" 100 days could never be enough since I always find myself just murmuring a "Thank You" in just about anything. Sometimes, my friends tease me as "Miss Earth" already for doing so. Ha! I am just aware that I have only one life to spare here so why not spend time in finding what's good in people rather than gossip, wait for the bigger picture of a circumstance rather than being cynical about your limitations of understanding why it happened or admire the kind of person you are rather than following society of becoming how they want you to be? But yet again, what I'm saying would always be hollow if I won't go for the challenge itself. So this project will be set in a different blogging website. I will share it later today where and for my Do-it-yourself Monday, have a rain check of what makes you happy too. It wouldn't hurt anyway to try.

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