Monday, March 24, 2014


I've witnessed a lot of people (mostly women) putting up their #nomakeupselfie 's on Facebook and as I've read about its campaign, I admired Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for continuously donating millions to breast cancer awareness campaigns.

Some people find the gesture questionable; some people find it senseless; some people find it vain. But I tell you this, people always have a lot of things to say in just about whatever. Probably, people who don't get why I write sees me the same way.... that I have "a lot" to say. Besides the reason of creating awareness, inspiring people and sharing knowledge, I get to express myself and perhaps in my own little way, I could help anybody out there or maybe just simply brighten somebody's day. Those are enough good reasons for me.

So.... selfies for breast cancer.

I wasn't actually going to do this but, a friend of mine, Jen, nominated me as one of the candidates. I took flattery to good use and had dug on the best #nomakeupselfie ever. And I found this photo of mine taken early in the morning while I was due to serve my day job. As a performer, I hail these no make up days to give my face some rest and my pores a breather. My view of this campaign is just simply baring it all. Just like when the time comes, that life would be taken away, you can never bring anything with you in the after life, can you? I mean, whether heaven or hell truly exists, I don't think you'll be judged by how beautiful you were but I know we'll all be judged with how much beautiful smiles we gave to strangers, how much beautiful words we were very much willing to give our neighbours and how much beauty we have created with our time. No need to be negative about the deed nor towards the people who participate to this campaign. If you're not up for it, don't do it. Stop there. No need to voice out negativity about it in your status nor people who participate need not hear cynical commentaries from you. It's a practice not only for the people who have cancer but it may awaken something in you too. Because there's nothing to be afraid of in baring it all unless you were wearing a mask the whole time. True friends will appreciate how you truly look. Actually, they wouldn't mind. So I encourage you to keep it real. It could be in this form or other stuff. So, I conform to Jen's nomination and I am putting this up for my own entry to the campaign.

Let's stop being ignorant about breast cancer. Help raise #breastcancerawareness.

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