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Baby BRAVE's registry

Hello there! Due to insistent public demand for a registry, I have made my own list of preferences as no registry is perfect enough due to limited products that they offer. This is again just some ideas of what we will be needing. Just leave a comment below if you're getting it so as not to have double purchases.

AGAIN, NO PRESSURE IN GETTING THESE STUFF FOR US. This is plainly to give ideas to the people who were requesting for the registry so that they would not be confused of what to give so that it could be efficiently used in the long run.

Piyo Piyo Baby Food Processor

1. BABY FOOD PROCESSOR - This was advised by a lot of mothers online because of its neat packaging and versatile usage. The lids are changeable depending on what you feel like making for the baby. This is for the very near future when the baby starts to get introduced with solid foods. My favorite feature for this product is its suction ring at the base. It helps maintain the container stable eventhough babies could struggle during first time feedings while they are learning to use the feeding spoon. (Click on the caption as to where to find it online and for a more detailed description.)|13145615&CPNG=Home+Improvement&kpid=13145615&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=13145615
Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

So many moms had encouraged me that a good 24-hour humidifier is a must for the sensitive newborns. We are living in a hotel flat that may have little ventilation. Ventilation may be too limited that it relies greatly on the air conditioning system plus the vents of the kitchen and of the comfort room. That being said, it tends to give us chapped lips, dry throat and leaves our skin dry as well. Humidifiers may help out in preventing these and also in alleviating common colds and flu. I am into prevention as it is better than cure so it would really be helpful if we could get a good one as this. Of course, if you have greater suggestion that you may be using at the present with your own kiddos, let me know. By far, I'm satisfied in how the description of this product goes and that it had won an award for its effectivity and efficiency.

3. SWADDLE BLANKETS - This may be easy for the babies to grow from but this is a sure way to warm up Phoenix Brave since once she comes out, winter is just around the corner. As I've known from blogger moms, 3 would be advisable as the newborn babies may easily, soil, wet or salivate on one that's wrapped around them. If the other one is in the laundry, at least you got a spare as the other one is currently wrapped around your baby.

3-Pack Swaddle Me Blanket
Baby Swaddling Sleep Bag Infant Wrap Cotton

4. LAUNDRY/DETERGENT SOAP that's safe for the baby's gentle skin.

Caring for the baby's clothes is important as you want everything in contact with your baby to be soft, sanitary, clean and soothing. Babyganics Detergent keeps you on the safe side while these are checked on the list. Baby's Choice in Tin Shui Wai offers this one. This ensures baby's comfort even after leaving your arms as she gets laid on the bed to sleep. For more details, just click on the caption.

Babyganics 3x Laundry Detergent in Lavender flavor.

5. Breastmilk is best for babies and the only way we could feel comfortable in doing this in public would be with a help of a nursing cover. I am optimistic that I would be able to nurse Baby Brave sans the worries of disturbing other people. We aim to feed her according to her needs and we find that this would be beneficial as far as access to and availability of the milk is concerned.

NEW Aqua and Navy Stripes Hold Me Close Nursing Scarf,
Nursing Cover, Infinity Nursing Scarf

Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra

With the same purpose in mind but without any experience since I am expecting my first baby, please do help me with the best nursing bra that I should invest on. I just saw this seamless one and thought that I'd be needing comfort from all of the nursing bras I'd be purchasing.

It is a very fulfilling task for a mom to be able to nurse her baby smoothly. Though I also am reading some of the discomforts that go with it and am aware that it may end up the way you didn't imagine it would. I choose to be optimistic though.

So If you have a comment regarding your experience with Breastfeeding and which intimates are best to buy, please don't hesitate to share. Leave it under this post because maybe there's a brand, style, cut that is most beneficial to this task, considering Asian size.

The Original Sophie the Teether also emits a sound
as the babies press on it making it stimulating on their
senses at the same time.

At one point, my baby will grow her teeth and so many moms had warned me of the stress this could induce to a child. Besides the fact that they can't speak for themselves, they are just but helpless as they go thru this stage. Number 1 remedy would be the actual teethers that should be washable and non-toxic as the baby has direct access to it via non-other than the most common route of acquiring bacteria, the MOUTH.

They said, it's advisable to buy the one that contains different texture and shape to enhance teething and a teether that can be refrigerated (with liquid gel inside) could help soothe the gums too as they go restless when those incisors start to erupt.


It may get to a point that teething is too unbearable for the kids to be able to get a good night's sleep and it may also cause diarrhoea to some. As I read and reviewed numerous of mother's expectations, standards and preferences, this one right here is the safest to use and is mostly made of organic ingredients. Here is a picture of both the front and back packaging for easy checking.

Homeolab USA Kids Relief Teething


As a beginner to this so called "motherhood", it's important to be equipped of proper grooming and healthcare materials. One of the essentials that we may be needing: "the" KIT!!!! Complete with the bulb syringe, nail clipper for newborns, digital thermometer, aspirator and many more, this may also be called a survival kit. And from the term "survival", this may really come handy with its versatile compartments as additional pocket for wipes and diaper plus the milk bottle are included. For more of the detailed description and with the other colors that you could choose from, click on the caption.

Safety First Welcome Baby Nursery Kit

10. "Breastfeeding maybe tough on moms who have sensitive nipples and are first timers. In the long run, feeding the baby through your mammary glands may leave your nipples sore and cracked." - So I was warned. To prevent this from happening, I should be ready for a remedy once first signs start to get felt. They said this is a good product because it's safe to use for babies. But please, if you know of a better one, please leave your suggestions by commenting below.

Lanolin cream for cracked and sore nipples due to breastfeeding.

11. Not only mamas could have something cracked. Babies' bums that may always be exposed to a soaked diaper could also be cracked and may develop some rash too. So my mommy friends also suggested to have a diaper rash ointment at hand when redness is spotted upon removal of the diaper.

12. It is truly difficult to bathe a newborn. The name of the game is SAFETY. Besides checking the temperature, the baby should be ensured that nothing would harm its delicate body, most especially the neck/head part. I find these bathing pillow tubs very reliable and easy to dry. Bath products and a squirming baby could equal a great dangerous threat. But this keeps the head elevated, padded from the tub and comfortable for baby. Bather tubs with a net are also better options than the plain ones. So, hope to be able to land the safest one.

Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad
Leachco Bath N' Bumper Cushioned Bath Tub - Blue Fish


To ensure natural wellness by maintaining good hygiene, we also find it necessary to have a good supply of bathing materials. Baby's skin ain't the same as ours to begin with so, these are products that are worldly used and Johnson's and Johnson's had always been a trusted brand. They have a gift set already. But I want to show the entire line of products included in the set so that you could pair up with somebody in getting it or you could set each product to each person in a group to come up with the set. It's cheaper and fun to put together. These are available in most supermarkets and health care product stores.


My maternity leave lasts for 2 months and will be going back to work as soon as that's over. In an attempt to continue breastfeeding sans an unsuccessful start, this will truly help Brave to be able to get hold of mommy's milk even though I keep a day job. As mothers suggest most of the time, it is better to invest on a good quality electric breast pump than a manual one. This is one of's best-selling ones but I'm pretty sure, there are some that are a lot cheaper, a lot lighter and as efficient so, let me hear out some suggestions.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Back Pack

It's not necessary to buy newborns shoes because they grow so fast past the size. So we figured, socks are much better to have a stock of. Brave will be born of a Filipino mom, and of a Samoan dad in August. That being said, as she grows 3 months come Winter time, she might have a foot similar of a 6 month old baby. Hahaha! So, probably a soft bootie could do her good to warm her feet without the risk of straining it because it's too small already.

Robeez Baby-Girls Newborn 6-pack Bear 

Ribbed Cuff Socks for Girls (4 pairs)

Zutano Newborn Unisex-Baby Fleece Bootie

That's mostly the things that we still lack of. I may have forgotten some or I may not know that there are other necessities and essentials out there that I don't have an idea about. Just do leave a comment below the blog post if you will get it for us so as not to have double purchases. Bless all your hearts that intend to give us presents though your presence is a gift itself in welcoming our baby.

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