Monday, July 07, 2014


To all of you who had graced us with your presence during Phoenix Brave's Baby Shower last July 4th, in behalf of my husband, I thank all of you.

To Chief Malama, who had started the evening with a prayer, faafetai tele lava. Along with the Samoan boys, I am truly grateful of the "Fa'afetai i le Atua" (Church song meaning, "Thank You God") song that you have shared to us that evening. The BBQ and UMU were such a delight. There's nothing more rewarding to Hogan and I than seeing your presence with your families in welcoming our own Phoeninx Brave.

To Kuki, Hogan's sister, you flew all the way from Taiwan just to show your support and just to show how happy you are for us. I'm glad you were here for those busy 4 days to help out. You always shower us with blessing too. For that, thank you. Frankie and Angela, you helped a lot with the food and in going back and forth just to get the items needed for the entire evening. Thank you very much for that.

To Ate Aima, Ate Naths, Kuya Egay and Kuya Alvin, your extended efforts never fail to show us that your love will always be there. May our friendship stand thru time and thank you for being so helpful, thoughtful and excited for us. I truly appreciate Zaia's drawings and decors. It's undeniably a keepsake. The same goes with Jane for lending me her vases and Cathy for helping me out in sticking letters up to the poster and many more. All of you are angels spurting out just at the very moment I need you all.

I would like to send out a shout out too to Stevenie and Jacky for helping me in booking the venue. The party wouldn't be as successful if not for your help. Annemette, Phoebe and Alina too, you have talked to the Central Park personnels to be able to extend the function room for an hour. Fun wasn't put to a halt because of your huge help. Thank you Jarvey for the beautiful and delicious cake and cake pops, Ate Naths for the cutely arranged mallow pops and Ate Aima for the mini preggies cup cakes; Lhelai for helping out in arranging the venue, Rizalyn for just being available for whatever's needed to be done. Sharon and Candy for extending a helping hand too and Ling for merely asking how you could help plus the wonderful photos. You were there so early. To Ate Janice Gatmaitan for cooking the puto and the fabulous Sapin-Sapin, and to Ate Joey who had brought them all the way to the party, a billion thanks and kisses to you. Bobby, you've made the payment reach Ate Janice thru Ate Joey and it made it all easy so salute to you too. Love you.

To those who had helped out in grilling the barbecue, I am truly grateful for I know it's not an easy job. What's also not easy was for the little kids to sit by the stairs of the bus just to share their time to us. Silver and Renee, thank you for coming. I also know it was Ryo's birthday that day so Ms. Emi Hagiwara, I hope you both had a great time.

I would like to also like to specially mention my husband for making this event possible and wanting to get involved in everything. Hosting, barbecueing, opening of the gifts, entertaining the guests and just being there for me, making it all STRESS-FREE. I love you and like what we talked about, this is one of our markers that the much awaited day is about to come. We'll get thru and I'll be strong for you and Brave.

To the rest of you who had given us these fabulous gifts, it left us crying and asking God what we did to deserve this much love from you all. All these presents leave us more than complete. Even prepared for the near future and growth of Brave. Praise God for all of these blessings and mostly, your heartfelt wishes, words of wisdom and love in the cards that went along with these gifts. Our registry was almost ticked complete. We even have more than one of the necessities we have pondered on. We pray that all of your hearts would be blessed a thousand fold for loving us and Brave this much. There are some who weren't able to make it and just kept on showering more and more of their gifts still, thank you and the little girl will see you all soon.

All the bath products we have collected...

Thanks for helping us with the stocking
up of the much needed diapers.
Congratulations to the winner: Ling Lai!!!

"Thank you for the gift that I will soon see,
Mom said it's great, and you picked it just for me.
Mom is writing this blog post for you all because I am yet to arrive.
And even if I do, i won't be able to write well until I'm five."

- From Mommy, Daddy & Me

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