Tuesday, September 30, 2014


For my #laidbacktuesday , I always aim to post videos that are informative, funny and relaxing. But for the entirety of writing and keeping a blog, I aim to inspire whoever gets to visit my site. Today, I choose this video made by a friend of what "Occupy Central" is all about. 

I am writing this with an aim to clear out what truly is happening in Hong Kong since last Wednesday, September 24, 2014. Occupy Central is a form of a protest movement that had called out concerned Hong Kong citizens and residents, led by a large student body, to fight for the right to elect their Chief Executive. Under the said umbrella movement, they gathered affront the central government offices, blocking all busy streets with an aim to be heard out. Last night, they have sang the song of revolution, "Do You Hear The People Sing?" It is truly admirable how this peaceful protest had come about. The same friend of mine who shot this video took a walk in Connaught Road and witnessed how the people had come peacefully in going about their aim. He was amazed with how they have kept the streets clean and how no form of Vandalism would be seen. Each protester show concern for one another by giving food to those who have not yet eaten and to those who were there for a long time already. There was also a time that they have lit their lighters up while the night was pitch-black  and as the photos were posted up in a lot of social networks, it looked very peaceful.

Unfortunately, the Chinese administration doesn't have any reaction towards the movement nor the seated Chief Executive of Hong Kong as well which is pretty devastating to accept. If there's some agreement that's happening under the table, we don't know. In addition, a friend in China had fed me that it had cut all access to social networks and media even Instagram. For whatever reason it may be, this picture suggests that the Chinese government is feeding its people wrong information.

There are a lot who describes this Umbrella Movement (called so because protesters had brought their umbrellas as coverage from the tear gas, pepper spray, etc.,. used to disperse the illegal protest by the police) as hopeless, desperate and ambitious but seeing these efforts make me feel much in awe as I admire the Hong Kong people coming together as one. Tonight, literally, umbrellas had swarmed public roads as it rained in Central area. Tomorrow, the revolution is expected to be jam-packed because of the upcoming holidays dated Oct. 1 (National Day) and Oct. 2 (Chung Yeung Festival).

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