Monday, September 29, 2014


Recently, social networks have been flooded of Hong Kong students' appeal, along with concerned civilians, of freedom and democracy for the right of its citizens to elect their leaders and basically to have their own government independent of China's. I truly admire them for their courage and as I step back and look at the bigger picture, I realised, I am pro-democracy as well.

I usually don't agree with most parties who go on boycott. I guess in the Philippines, the people truly had been puppets from the beginning. Sad but true, the Philippine government often takes over and neglects to listen to the people. But, this time, I can't believe this is "actually" happening to Hong Kong but considering China's power, it may turn out into the least expected, to be run over under the communist party.

All of us get ignited with situations like these from time to time. For the common good of the Hong Kong people, its students, composing the majority of this country's future generation, stand up for democracy. And boy are they on fire! Similar situations that call for this kind of rage calling out for any parliament's action are the gay people continuously fighting for their civil rights, women to be equally heard of their opinion on matters as men give theirs and workers unendingly asking for rightful compensation. All of these among many others are the actual things that matter. Reality bites but most often than not, people are intrigued more of the iPhone 6, selfies and what to wear on a Saturday night. Dailymail UK and had shown online how people went gaga over the latest release of iPhone 6. It's just truly amazing how they'd line up overnight just to be able to get hold of it. Just wow!

people lining up for iPhone 6 in the US and Berlin, Germany

We all have our limitations. It's hard to remain civilised when you get taken for granted as a person, judged by your colleagues and condemned to be unrightfully of a higher salary. These are but a few examples of what we all complain about most of the time. But I am encouraging you to continuously strive to make a difference. Be heard and help out when you can. Of course there's no way you could save the world. I'm not writing this post to encourage you to do that. But, maybe it's this, before you complain, realise what you have that others don't. Fluorish in where you are at at this very moment. Make a difference in your own little way.

And to keep stand of my point, and as a lowly resident, with great allegiance to the Hong Kong people, I would like to create awareness in you who can actually read this. The situation of the Hong Kong government is actually dying as I quote a good Hongky friend of mine. Because once the current governing body agrees for Hong Kong to be under China, everything will fall under their terms and Hong Kong won't be entitled to any form of independence. Pray with us for a peaceful outcome as the locals rally to the central government offices. It's quite alarming and scary for those who are actually working in the city. The innocent civilians who live or work there are getting involved helplessly. With great hope, may this chaos stop soon.

HK people fighting for an anti-Dictatorship Government

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